May 30, 2004

Shoe Porn.
Live Generative Music. Viragelic generates a soothing musical piece for you randomly using moving squares traveling random paths. It seems a little dull at first, but it slowly becomes quite entrancing and fascinating.
A beautiful Letter from the mother of a gay son. This letter is absolutely perfect. It sent chills down my spine. It's probably one of the most beautiful and tragic things I've read in a long time. [Via Seablogger via Eschaton]
Loretta Lux "imaginary portraits" of real children. Lux renders a vision of childhood that is beautiful, formal and chilling.
Chris Cooper, better known as Coop and the proud creator of Lesbian Devil Girls, screw-happy robots and supersize female vamps! NSFW!! Cartoon art, rock posters, tattoos, originals, books. Welcome to the world of Coop!
Watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox dead at 92 I remember that bow tie when I was a kid. Life was so innocent in those days.
Subversive Cross Stitching. Make Grandma Cry! more inside
The World's Most Dangerous Password: Minutemen ICBMs were deployed in the early 1960s, and grew to over 1000 in number. They were allegedly protected from a "rogue launch" by an approach known as PAL (Permissive Action Link). The PAL required that the correct 8-digit launch code be entered by the missiliers before the missile would establish ignition. What if all the PAL codes had been set to '00000000,' and 'everyone' in the Strategic Air Command knew it? That is unbelievably what happened, as described in this article from the Center for Defense Information. Not exactly a great example for getting people to choose difficult passwords! Via Slashdot

May 29, 2004

Curious George: Do you play video/computer games? If no, why not? And if so, what have you been addicted to recently? Finally, what was the most influential game on you, ever? Just a friendly "get to know you better" survey. more inside
Army attributes another death to friendly fire. While his is a high-profile death, perhaps it should make us more aware of the United States' consistent problem with friendly fire - and that rates of "blue on blue" are getting higher, in spite of technological advances. more inside
What The Billionaires Are Buying. What do you buy the guy who has everything?
22 panels that always work
22 panels that always work (sometimes)
Mordechai Vanunu: I squealed on Isreal to prevent nuclear holocaust. He went to the world with details of Israel's nuclear program. He did 18 years in prison for it and doesn't regret a single day. Now he's out and wants to leave his country, but the government has said "no way, Hosea."
A Hole. Its fascinating to watch it develop over the last five years or so. more inside
The first vienna vegetable orchestra: if you carrot all for music, consider these sal-lads.
Men with breasts. Probably NSFW.
An Uncommon Lama: Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, director of "The Cup" and "Travellers & Magicians."

May 28, 2004

Aaaaahhhhhhh! They're horrible! Horrible!!! Actually, these photoshop jobs are really kinda sweet. This one is my favorite. Via RealityCarnival Thanks Nostrildamus!
Cold winter with fake snow Dennis Quaid, starring in 'The Day After Tomorrow' recalls past winter: "Here we were in Montreal making a movie about a killer Ice Age and the weather channels were telling us it was the coldest winter Montrealers could recall."
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