September 15, 2005

Abandonded Britain (urban decay)
What're you going to do today Napoleon? Whatever I feel like I wanna do. Gosh! more inside
The City is a weekly comic by John Backderf (aka "Derf") that appears in numerous "alternative/indie" papers across the U.S. [And it just happens to be my all-time favorite] more inside
Eugene Mirman. Eugene Mirman videos (try "Art Video", .mov file, possibly NSFW). Eugene Mirman's blog. Eugene Mirman fields a couple of calls from some Christians who choose to overlook the whole “love, compassion and tolerance” side of that crazy book thing. "Eugene Mirman and David Cross Get Wasted, Discuss Indie Rock."
City of the future. Following a theme here, I bring you Jacque Fresco and The Venus Project. He's got it all planned out - cities, energy, construction, housing, transportation, even space! How cool is his research centre, brains living in domes. more inside
The Work Blind, leading the competition in workplace slacking efficiency. Via LiVEJOURNAL
POTUS asks Condi for a POTTY break . No, it isn't a Photoshop contest on Fark. Its a real photo and caption from Reuters.

September 14, 2005

2257: Using Kiddie Porn to Screw Us All ...Remember people, if you're not with us, you're for kiddie porn! How 2257 works. 2257 Part two. more inside
Bang! Handgun owners still in need of patron saint. Apparently feeling a little ignored since everybody else has one.
101 uses for a dead cat . . . better make that 102 . . . more inside
Live feed of the United Nations World Summit. One of the largest gatherings of world leaders in history (so they say). The 60th session is now in order. POTUS is on right now. For your viewing pleasure... [Real Player] FULL DISCLOSURE: I work for the UN
Ohio meets Oscar Wilde a compilation from contemporary newspapers, etc. Slightly idiosyncratic navigation - in all but one case, click the last picture on a page to go to the next page.
U. Toilet The world’s first toilet college is set to open in Singapore to teach cleaners how to improve their lavatory washing skills. more inside
After the flood - This American Life brings individual stories from the convention centre, from the bridge to Gretna, about what it's like to be without water for days, about what the future might hold. via metafilter more inside
Ricky Gervais: Extras. Coming soon to HBO. One difference between it and his earlier comedy series, The Office, are the celebrity guest stars including Kate Winslet, Samuel Jackson, and Ben "It still Counts" Stiller. Some funny scenes, check it out.
Fun flash diversion This definitely entertained me for a while. I'm not sure what that's says about me, but I'm pretty sure I won't be the only one to admit that it's fairly mesmerizing when it gets going. more inside
Buy some beer. Help pay for this Carlton Draught ad. Quicktime, bombastic.
How to Build Your First Surfboard
The Telecrapper 2000 identifies & intercepts telemarketer calls, then ensnares the caller in a software-driven 'virtual conversation' using a script that plays a series of WAV files. The entire conversation is recorded for later amusement. Here's a FLASH rendition of the kind of recording the Telecrapper will make of such an interchange. more inside
Curious George: Google Why can't I access or gmail? Why? Oh why? I'm on my university's wireless network and I've never had a problem before.
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