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Grad student and professional procrastinator
From Toronto, Canada, in the US (gradschool), would like to be in the UK (containing both objects of research and object of affection).
Currently in the third sixth year of a PhD in early modern social history, teaching, applying for money, always behind on reading and sleep. I have a thesis topic now, and I'm so excited that it has already been part of a monkeyfilter in-joke - even a tag-line!.
Would be happy to talk anyone's ear off regarding: history, class, education policy, webcomics, procrastination.
Really should be granted an automatic degree in the latter, with extra kudos for joining Monkey Filter, the monkey god's answer to a grad student's procrastination prayer.
Watch Firefly, it's brilliant. So is Farscape, Battlestar Galactica and the new Doctor Who!
I'm going to copy dng and list some of my posts here.
History Trail Structured Procrastination Text adventure Hamlet and power-point literature The End of the Internet Nannies, motherhood and poverty Geeks to inherit the Earth? Pot within a pot - keeping food fresh History Minutes Aziz and his amazing freedom box Nostalgia to dance to - TV themes Creative misuse and abuse of musical tools Letterboxing with Mark and Sue Canada's burning - Media myths about universal health coverage. Floys A human face of religious conservatism The Dull Men's Club - it's ok to be dull. Crack Babies Talk Back Jim Crow stories: personal narratives, in audio and text We must respect the Charter Doctor Who Trumps
(more posts can be found on my wiki-page)

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