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in short: self-professed local (boston) music junkie, travel addict (when funds allow), bubble-blower, and dolphin pornographer (no really...).
at length:
Born-and-bred Boston girl, recent graduate of NU and proud owner of a perfectly good degree psychology that I never plan on doing anything with.
I love all things water-related. Avid diver (free and scuba), yes even in Boston though I prefer warmer climates.
Live in the Bahamas - used to do wild dolphin research but now I drive a big dive boat in a little bikini and make the fisherboys point and stare as I muscle the noisy twin engine into the dock.
I love music. Fifteen plus years of piano and self-taught five years of guitar, though I'm still not very good at either. So I listen. I miss the Boston music scene when I'm down south, I think that's why I keep coming back, despite the cold.
When I grow up I want to be a drunken sailor and marry a pirate. But then again, I never plan on growing up.

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