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For benefit of newcomers baffled by the slanguage on MoFi:
Monkeybashi = a title of tracicle aka #1 aka Admin squee = exclamatory remarks centring on the cuteness of a baby animal, such as a panda or a kitten, and (far too) often delivered in babytalk banana = a figurative compliment, sometimes rendered as ) poo = the opposite of a banana eek = to remove a thread/FPP from the index/front page of MoFi. banninate = to remove a monkey from the MoFi community kitten = an ancient monkey belief has it that the rapid application of a kitten can prevent a tense situation from turning into a flame-out or a train wreck. [Fellow animal enthusiasts need not fear for a kitten's safety during such operations.]
The Saga of petebest: Once upon a time there was a monkey named petebest. He succeeded in erasing himself from MoFi. In order to be reinstated in monkeydom it was necessary for him to inform Monkeybashi of his strange mishap; for technical reasons beyond my competence to grasp it was no longer possible for him to be petebest. So he reincarnated among us as petebest2. This produced levity among the other monkeys, such that he then chose to abandon the petebest2 and reincarnated yet again as pete_best. And then, not too long ago, he devised/found? a way to reincarnate with the sobriquet petebest once again in evidence, or what I think of as the petebest Part II incarnation. No other monkey has managed such remarkable feats; he for these reasons is known as the Petebest Combo, the petesbest, etc.
beeswacky is a persona, a thing of rags and tatters, merely a brief tangle of filaments in the vast knot of the interwebs, and the Fool bee hind him prefers to remain in the wings, offstage.

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