December 02, 2003

Dear, Dear Santa...
The Week In Review.
Toys That Kill! W.A.T.C.H. (World Against Toys Causing Harm) has published their 2003 "10 Worst Toys" list. Number 10 this year, you ask?: MICHELANGELO'S NUNCHUKUS! Unable to find the archive lists, I wonder if the Harry Potter vibrating broom was on the 2002 list?
Migratemate has launched. Looking for a marriage of convenience to escape your current life? Green with green-card envy? Now there's Migratemate! But, of course, "Please note: does not facilitate any meeting, but serves purely as an introduction agency and not an intermediary nor accessory for any illegal act that may occur, nor does it condone any such act." Huh?
The Wiccan Diet! "You do not have to believe in, or understand Wicca or Witchcraft to use this diet. But you must have an open mind."
RIAA Blames Net for Evil - Fake industry selling fake product? There are different kinds of fakeness. more inside
Behind the Typeface: Cooper Black The Award-Winning Feel-Good Documentary Re-Re-Release Special Edition!
Roger McGuinn is still at it. He has continued to upload an acoustic folk song to the Folk Den every month since November, 1995, which gives me a chance to update one of my favorite (of my own) MetaFilter posts. Happy Holidays!
A city built around a prison. Guantanamo Bay is in the news again because of the promised release of 140 detainees. What are the conditions like for the remaining prisoners, who are labelled "enemy combatants" because prisoners of war have treatment restrictions under the Geneva Convention. The camp has been subject to a myriad of controversies, including the imprisonment of children fifteen or younger, and the poor treatment given at Camp X-Ray, which was then demolished to make way for Camp Delta.
100 Elvises together, each celebrating a different era of the King's life. You know where I'm going to be Saturday night! How far has Elvis gone? Trio is airing Almost Elvis as part of its Awards series, along with the Golden Globes and Miss America, so I wonder if the King is getting less weird. WikiPedia reports that a third of us will be Elvis impersonators by 2019. Cleary, some of us are not up to the strain of the spotlight. Best keep an eye out for the real thing.
My Personal Professional Nightmare
Building Online Communities - This was posted at the bottom of an older thread and I thought that it was worth a FPP. It's a little more formal than we are, but I think these ideas are good to think about earlier rather than later.
Which embryo is human? - Since all vertebrates evolved from a common ancestor, the genetic information that guides their development is nearly the same. [via Presurfer]
The Falling Man. more inside

December 01, 2003

Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful?
China releases cyber dissident. Liu Di, aka the "stainless steel mouse," has been released just over a week ahead of a visit to the United States by Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao. She had been detained for more than a year for criticising the government. [Via /.] more inside
Santa blogs. more inside
Mr. Picassohead - I guess I'm not actually going to get any work done today. [flash]
Roman Glass Gaming Die Circa 2nd Century A.D.: "Modern scholarship has not yet established the game for which these dice were used."
Major Matt Mason turns 36.
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