June 06, 2005

Artist Dave Devries takes children's drawings of monsters and turns them into paintings. -- via BoingBoing
The Russian Folk Art (fairy tales)
Shagster. "Want to know how many people you've really shagged? Want to know how highly your partner rated your performance? Want to see who else is on their list to find out who you've shagged by association?"
That funny-smelling green stuff is in the news today. An appeal from the Bush administration heard by the US Supreme Court was passed today. Federal authorities are now allowed to pursue users of marijuana when prescribed by their doctor within their respective State's law which allowed medicinal usage. more inside
Axl Rose resurfaces online, or does he? Speculation, hilarity and anger ensue in a battle with grammar, logic, and trolling. Where is Axl Rose? Not even wikipedia knows
Aromantic George Can you think of any films that don't include a romantic interest as part of their plot? more inside
Jews Rock (.org)
Wallpaper for the lonely Those crazy Germans and their wallpaper.
James McIntyre - The Cheese Poet. Was he the worst poet to have lived, evar? Or was it the noble William Topaz McGonagall, much beloved of goons. more inside
Chicken Joking How hard is it to make an online comic? Well, you could just draw some chickens on Post-It® Notes and scan then blog them, like Doug Savage did with Savage Chickens. Of course, it helps when you've got a better FBA (Funny Batting Average) than most newspaper comics. more inside
Bitty Browser, the bittiest browser ever! A nifty little app, I thought. Sort of like picture-in-picture for the web. Works for websites, RSS, and podcasts. Cool coding, says I. via blog.del.icio.us.

June 05, 2005

Duracell plays drums. This video of him playing in London is wonderful more inside
How to Lose Friends and Alienate People With Email
And what you can do when faced with annoying emails.
Fascism and how to recognise it.
BoobyFilter. Do you like one-man bands? Do you like tits? Bob Log has you covered. [NSFW or your speakers]
NSFW You've got two layers of polo shirts on, popped collars of course. Don't forget the New Balance sneakers with a pair of faux-retro jeans. Something is still missing, though... more inside
Turns out.. you don't know everything - BAD WOLF. Dr Who fans.. have you noticed the clues? What or who is Bad Wolf? What is coming for The Doctor?

June 04, 2005

Curious George - Sleep Apnea Hello Monkeys. Seems like I have had this affliction for years and didn't know about it. Anyone else had to deal with this. Can you share? more inside
Very Cool Lego Sculpture. Including Escher Lego sculptures and mathematical shapes.
Large Murals on a Single Webpage
Eric Grohe's own Mural website He paints large scale building murals that seem nearly 3-D.
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