November 05, 2004

Give Up The Dough, Working People. With federal deficits already running amok, it is unclear how President Bush will pay for his second-term agenda, a potentially multitrillion-dollar smorgasbord that includes overhauling Social Security and revamping the tax system. more inside
"The Sahara is not just the classic dunes of The English Patient. The majority of the running we did was over vast plains of sand, gravel and rocks the size of tennis balls... Blow a knee out on the overnight stage, and you’d have to pull your emergency flare to call the helicopter. Blow it in the middle of a plain, and you’d have to wait for a passing marshal’s Land Rover to pick you up...It was only the first day, and people were already being withdrawn by the doctors for foot trauma." more inside
personal_space. Tiny houses for the thrifty-chic. more inside
After You (Quicktime.) [Via Dong Resin's Screenhead.]
Speaking of assassination. The always edgy eXile has the scoop.
Ed Helms kills two birds with one stone... Thankfully, Helms and Stephen Colbert at the Daily Show display no signs of slowing down after the disaster of 11/2. [via MeFi]
Political Assasination: mathowie is as good as his word. BTW: Bush sucks.
Delicious Data: Pioneer Electronics has developed a polymer based on corn that can act as a removable media, or a cd. No decisions as to whether or not they will market it, or what exactly the purpose is in the first place.
CHICKENFIGHT!!! more inside
Card throwing — course on how to throw ordinary playing cards by a master of the art. Once you are past the basics, try some advanced throws.
MPAA is out fo' yo' ass! what will i do with my high-speed connection now? i can't download music -OR- movies? next thing they'll tell me it's "illegal" to download and crack software. the internets blow big time. more inside
Alan Keyes has yet to comprehend why he lost. It's the media's fault, and those turn-coat Republicans who voted for Obama, not the fact that he is a bull-goose loony.
Linky: Just a quick note to LA locals - last minute meet up at Musso & Franks, 7:30 tonight. more inside
Curious George: What are the useful tags for commenting and posting here on mofi?

November 04, 2004

Needless to say, this pilot won't be seeing any combat for a while
Curious George: Mortal Kombat? When does a situation warrent (legally) self defence? more inside
Why Grandma, what big teeth! Spot the fake smile Coolish quiz from the Beeb, minor demographic survey info requested. I got 14/20 - poker, anyone?
Afro-Ufo: "Black people aren't supposed to see this freaky space shit. It's always hillbillies."
Click here My civic duty fulfilled, I can now return to drooling over the promise of playing Halo 2. Over 'n out.
Enquiring George: Who's the Most Overrated in Show Biz?
FULL DISCLOSURE: This is research for an article I'm writing; usually I don't reach out for other opinions, but the subject is so general... I'm not looking for the latest teen-queen-lip-syncher or reality-show-hunk; I'm looking for actors, singers, comedians, "personalities", even writer/creators who have had long successful careers in spite of an obvious lack of real talent. I'm thinking William Shatner (YMMV), but I could go as young as Ben Affleck. No dead people, please.
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