October 04, 2004

Americans--surprise--do abysmally in geography. But thankfully, Canadians and British students aren't much better. Take the test. I got 100%! The test was administered by National Geographic. Here's the main story.
Free short fiction on the web. more inside
What would we like Microsoft to do for us?..."have Bill Gates send me a check for all the aggravation I've suffered" is one way of dealing with it. "Naked Microsoft" is a more unorthodox way. Geeks around the world weight in on this most interesting subject...o yah, what would you do Monkeys?
Better than the Italian Job: Now this is a nefarious heist that appeals to my criminal sensibilities.
Carl Lewis - Break It Up (QT)
The Noise & The City - I'm sitting at home listening to The Noise & The City and it's really great (think Autechre, The Future Sound Of London & the mellower, more musical side of Aphex Twin and you'll be heading in the right direction). more inside
Gmail Invites I've just received some, and as everyone was so helpful with my problem yesterday... more inside
The Upsidedown Map Page. There're a few to ogle (though the resolution could be better), help on where to purchase them and a heap of cartographical kinks and links
Saddam Hussein's lawyer has told a Danish newspaper that the ousted dictator will run in Iraq's general elections with a view to becoming president again. Yee-haw! bugger@mailinator.com bugger
Vibrating Trousers Treat (wait for it, wait for it)... Angina I can't believe no one has posted this yet. Wherefore art thou, 'tool?
Curious George: Back to the 80's. Our homecoming is coming up soon, and the theme is the 1980's. My date and my date and I need costume ideas! I know the monkeys can help us. more inside
Curious, George: Help me find a program I need help finding a specific program and Google has failed me. more inside
The guns of The Matrix. What are all those things they're firing?
TNR shows that despite all of his talk, GW isn't much of a churchgoer For (four) years we've discussed how much Christianity is supposed to influence GW Bush's policy... witness the "faith based initiatives" and the "valley of peace" references. As someone who grew up in the evangelical tradition, I fully recognize that GW's speed is chock-full of evangelical language and codewords("wonder working power"). But, what amazed me, is that GW doesn't even regularly attend church... Talk amongst yourselves...
Curious George: Monday MoFi Music Mix Musings What would you put on a music mix dedicated to us MoFi monkeys? I think I'd suggest this.
Turkmenbashi is a Garlic-Eating Space Monkey with a Battle Rating of 7.9.
Unleash your own Food-Eating Battle Monkey. [via littlefluffy]
National Novel Writing Month. If you ever wanted to write a crappy novel, here's your chance. more inside
Behold the fabulousness of the puffling! "...the idea is to cock your arm like a quarterback and throw the bird like a football..."
Bob Dylan Pimps His New autobiography
Curious, George: Coconuts. How does one get the flesh out of an opened coconut?
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