May 22, 2006

How do females chose mates? {[While big-antlered red deer are busy fighting each other to show a female who has the best rack, the doe sneaks off to mate with less well-endowed stags. Female red-winged blackbirds are not easily impressed, either. Having the most macho plumage has no detectable effect on how many offspring a male sireS" more inside
Global news, as it happens, via a nifty flash-based map of the world. May be an addictive way to get your news.

May 21, 2006

Nathanael Ritz has created many amusing music videos featuring himself. [Google video--six links.]
10 Things Your iPod Won't Tell You more inside

May 19, 2006

Write a 100-word essay and get two free steaks! Write a 100 word essay on why you love to barbecue. If you're in Ontario, you get two sirloin steaks. Free! If you're not, you get...uh, a 100 word essay on why you love to barbecue. Heck forget the steaks, just make something up and post it. Monkeys love barbecue? Or no?
Darth Vader lets Palpatine know about the Death Star [youtube]
Pat Robertson predicts distaster Well, actually [G|g]od(ess) has, and delivered it through his chosen messenger. But what do scientists think the most likely natural disasters are for the US? Are tsumanis really coming to wash away those unchurched liberals in the Pacific Northwester?
Underwater sub-tectonic UFO bases under construction. They came from within!! Via FMH.
Gorilla Gardening . . . err Guerilla Gardening even. HowTo (Daisy Duke is involved, lads), build a community, fix a bench (flash), or even learn a damned thing if you dare! Ooh! ooh! ooh! *dig* *plant* *slap chest*
What happens if you drink 24 cans of Coors Light a day for 8 years and don't throw away the cans?
Eurovision 2006 - Preview the videos (direct link, with snarky British commentary), marvel at the "the incredible car-crash television". more inside
80s videos Hours of fun. God, I'm old.
Human, Chimp Ancestors May Have Mated Early human ancestors and chimpanzee ancestors may have mated and produced offspring, according to a new DNA study. via Mackerel
Bali very high. One is compelled to recommend this superb location as a place where one's admiration for the finer of human qualities may be revived. Where respect for the courage, perseverence and capacity for love and compassion in others may be restored, and where creative energy and sheer exuberance are happily infectious. A truly extraordinary and beautiful place run by an Australian ex-patriot couple as much endowed with warmth and sensitivity as the people they have chosen to live among.
AERIAL PHOTOS AND PICK-CHURS! If you guys haven't found it yet, those yahoos in Seattle have made a pretty impressive competitor to Google Earth: swing over Vegas, or drop in on Ground Zero; or better yet, go see a man about a brain at Wizard Island. The aerials and "bird's eye" views are nifty. WARNING: this site is a resource hog. Be ye warned!
Try New "Carbon Dioxide"! (Link to page with QT and WMV streams.) Yes, these are advocacy ads for carbon dioxide. The Competitive Enterprise Institute has produced two 60-second television spots focusing on the alleged global warming crisis... more inside
Headline of the Year Don't drink anything before clicking this link. via.

May 18, 2006

Resizable Textarea extension for Firefox more inside
How world maps would look if weighted for population. Or death rates. Or tourism. Fascinating, at least to me. Will undoubtedly provide a springboard for socioeconomic discussion and the like. Go.
Monkey fiction Because thursday is the new Friday, and everyone has 15 minutes to blow off around 3. Those of you for whom 3 pm and/or thursday has already passed, read it faster. Or backwards. or whatever. more inside
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