April 22, 2017

Scientists discover liquid with negative mass. When you push it, it goes in the opposite direction.

April 16, 2017

Kill the monkeys. A yellow fever outbreak is tearing through Brazil leaving thousands dead in its wake — thousands of monkeys, that is.
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April 09, 2017

Can Trump read? Former SNL member Taran Killam says that it appeared to him that the President of United States could not read very well. more inside

April 02, 2017

Montana Bear Carrying Laptop Bear is on way to test out just how forgiving Costco return policy is.

March 31, 2017

Recent sightings have raised hopes that the Tasmanian Tiger may not be extinct.

March 22, 2017

Life Imitates Joke I remember hearing a joke years ago that went something like this: A guy who juggles knives in the circus gets pulled over by the police. The police are concerned that the guy has all of these weapons sitting on the passenger's seat. The guy assures the officer that the knives are not for any nefarious purpose -- they are for work. To prove to the officer that the knives are work-related, he convinces the officer by juggling them outside the car. A person in a passing car turns to her friend and says, "Wow. Those field tests for drunk driving are getting really tough!"

March 21, 2017

Anatomy of some floofy critterers! True real anatomical diagrams of some real true cute animals: foxes; dingos; giraffes; corgis; goats; pugs; and of course, a banana.

March 10, 2017

Clearing Snow in Japan There are parts of Japan that apparently get a great deal of snow. While the article is interesting, the pictures are simply stunning.

March 08, 2017

Baby goats in pajamas! (Long version). more inside
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