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April 19, 2006

Quiet! Kang is Talking! Civil war re-enactors? No. Marvel Secret Wars Re-Enactors? YES. via youtube more inside
About Fucking Time more inside
William Shatner on Vegetarianism circa 1982. Direct link to .mpg (300Mb). via growabrain
For when quiddy's corpse just isn't good enough. Blokes doing it with dolls. (SFW, honest). ...over half work in IT or engineering. Arf!
Some handy tips on how not to argue online. Your mission: find at least one comment on MoFi that fits each category. Your time: less than thirty seconds. Your reward: everyone else's dirty looks.

April 18, 2006

Monkey Love for Sale
Archaeologists dig for pyramid in Bosnia.
Kill Your Television 2006 "Teacher! Mother! . . Secret lover!" (Homer Simpson) Yes Monkeyfans, TV Turnoff week approaches again (April 24 - 30), time for all you beer-swilling tube jockeys to switch off the idiot box for one of your 52 weeks. Research abounds, our 2004 and 2005 discussions have been lively and once again the stage is set: What is television's impact on culture? Are you affected by watching television? Lace up the gloves, strap on your cup and jump in to the Chomskyist McLuhanesque vortex that promises to be MoFi TV Smackdown 2006!
Curious George Arthur Conan Doyle died in 1930, some 76 years ago, which means his works are now in the public domain, right? Well, yes and no. more inside
Curious George: My computer puts out some pretty annoying static on the audio line. more inside
The rewards of being goth. While goths may be more likely to engage in self-harming behavior, they may also be more likely to grow up to be successful professionals. [via Mind Hacks]
This may be the single greatest Fark thread ever. it may also be slightly NSFW more inside
It's not the worst bad thing he's done, but perhaps the funniest Dubya subpoenaed by the RIAA for pirating music. The video where he shoots himself in the iFoot.

April 17, 2006

The Hole in the Wal ...So what's going to be the trigger* sending the American Economy down the toilet? Peak Oil? The Housing Bubble? China calling in its debts? We've discussed all these before so now it's time to consider: Wal-Mart Cutting Inventories by $6.5 Billion. Yep. We doomed. *or should I say flush-handle? more inside
Deism Defined .. On arrival at Hate, flowed on to Deism. One is lost for comment but is sure there are those who will apply the appropriate.
Ice Falls For the second time in a week, a huge chunk of opaque white ice has fallen from the sky in California. Freak airliner accident proponents over here, Secret military testing proponents over here - and Global Warning proponents on this side. Ok, go.
Censored Wikipedia Articles Appear On WikiTruth A group of disenchanted Wikipedia administrators have been retrieving articles deleted by Jimbo Wales or other higher-ups. Now they're putting them back up on a website for everyone to see.
Finding a killer's internet history: a young girl was murdered in Purcell, Oklahoma, by her neighbor. Now people are digging up her (alleged) killer's internet identities, partially out of pure train-wreck interest, partially to see if he left clues to his future behavior behind. more inside
Essay in the "New Yorker" magazine by Steve Martin on his realtionship with his father, written after his father's death.
Really Really Curious George; Sid Killed By His Mum? Tried like hell to find any other information online about this but could not. Here's the story; saw an hour-long documentary last night called Sid Vicious: The Last 24 Hours, which apparently is part of a UK series. more inside
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