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April 07, 2006

Stop at Red - let's pledge and make a better world. more inside
Gospel of Judas discovered. The verdict? Jesus was just all right with him. Neato. NYT, reg, &c.
Used Without Permission George - I've somehow appeared inside Black, an XBox game, in a cutscene featuring two photographs a friend of mine took of me in an abandoned psychiatric ward. These photographs were used without permission or knowledge of either me or my friend, and we are curious if there is anything to be gained from making a big deal of this? Special note, we were trespassing. Or urban exploring, if you like...

April 06, 2006

Statistics visualized in a map. Worldmapper takes statistical information and presents it in a world map. Just a bit of fun.
Curious George the trickster. We've done the monkey census, we've done the self-post filter -- but a larger question remains: what's your special talent? What party trick can you perform that would amaze and astound us, your fellow simians? more inside
Johnny Gets the Word
Spelling poems! Herewith a collection of poems dedicated to the trainwreck that is English spelling. more inside
Curious George: Dallas Monkeys? Two weeks from tonight (Thu April 20), me and Ufez are going to take a crack at drying up Deep Ellum. Anybody want to help out?
Woman misunderestimates Internet. Hilarity may ensue.
Jessica Alba says she was coerced into kissing a monkey. She hated it.
Yes, in fact, we DO do Windows. Apple today released a package to allow users to install and dual-boot Windows XP SP 2 on the new Intel-based Macs, that will be a full part of OS X.5 when it is released. This is not meant to incite a platform war, I firmly believe that whatever works best for you is the best platform for you. But this move by Apple raises a lot of questions: more inside

April 05, 2006

Curious George: Who wants to have breakfast with me? Are you in the boston area?? Like breakfast?? Want to meet me and my awesome friend at breakfast? Do you want breakfast so bad you can taste it? more inside
A 9,000-year-old equivalent of a dentist clinic has been unearthed in Pakistan complete with drilled molars. Anaesthesia invented at the same time: rock to head. Meanwhile, 60 million-year-old penguin fossils found in New Zealand to complement the theropod fossils found in the Chatham Islands last week. It's been a busy week for archaeology.
THE MIND GOBBLES! 40,000 and counting ..
Shoelaces for Chucks
NPR Pledge Drive! As American monkeys may know, the National Public Radio pledge drive is upon us like a pack of rabid locusts with switchblades. This year they may have some trouble due to podcasting, but I'm not donating. Why? Because their supposed liberalism isn't. more inside
The Amen break: culture and copyright An 18-minute, 34mb movie discussing the means by which a 6-second sample of music released in 1969 went on to influence, indeed create, a whole musical subculture. Some thoughts about what copyright means for artists, too. more inside

April 04, 2006

Sadistic Senator's Son Clifton Bennett shoves broomsticks and flashlights in the asses of 11 - 14 year old boys to humiliate and punish them. His pal Kyle Wheeler chokes them until they pass out. 40 separate incidents. The sentence? Meh. Probably probation. "It looks like one of the most sweetheart deals of all time." more inside
I hereby post this item: Performative Verbs.
+5 sword of Curious: George Roleplaying events. I've got a cafe. I really want to host roleplaying games, perhaps one night a month. I used to play Rifts, but that was years ago... any suggestions on who to contact, how this might play out, the whole RPGer scene? More on what I'd like to do inside. more inside
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