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April 28, 2006

Bring It On! Ever wanted to be in the Royal NZ Air Force? Now's your chance with these amazing flash-based simulators! Airlift flooded farmers! Rebuild Polynesian villages! Build a Hercules C-130 out of paper! (Via Vishy)
Anxiety-Panic History. "Anxieties, Treatments and Disorders Throughout the Ages." A sample entry: "Electrical stimulation for therapeutic purposes is not new. At least two millennium [sic] ago, physicians used electric eels to relieve pain." Another (which Chy should enjoy): "the Crusaders fought a band of Moslem warriors known as 'hashshashin,' so called because they used hashish prior to battle to reduce fear and control pain." Sources cited.
Encouragement Kittens! --Kittens to make you happy, and feel good about yourself! Best of all, to give encouragement!
Curious George: Typeface. I'm trying to find the name of a typeface used by National Geographic in its paper maps. See this sample (e.g. "Thessaloniki") or this (all town names). All the samples I'm finding are too tiny to run through engines like WhatThe Font. more inside
a slide show of monkeys, some familiar, I'm sure... more inside

April 27, 2006

Resolute Bay, Nunavut (Qausuittuq) is the most northern point in Arctic Canada to which you can take a commercial flight, and it functions as both a residence and a point of departure for mining, exploration, hunting or research farther north. This be where da polar bears and Eskimos live, eh? more inside
Would any Toronto Monkeys like to play volleyball on Wednesday nights for the next seven weeks? I signed up for co-ed court volleyball this spring thinking it was something new to try that might be fun. Unfortunately, I hate it and can't stand the thought of playing the whole spring session. So I'm looking for a surrogate player. Visit the MetaTalk thread for more details, and email me if interested.
Ray Raphael , people’s historian. Real people, not paper heroes, make history. That’s why people’s history is so important — but myths we accept as truth have kept common people from assuming center stage. Ray Raphael, author of twelve books, has been a “people’s historian” for the past thirty years. more inside
Matchbox Car Chase. Embedded video thingy with sound etc. Worth it for the Apoo and West Country voices of the cops alone.
引き篭り (hikikomori) is often described as a recent phenomenon which is seen mainly in Japan - but how does it compare to the time-honoured tradition of hermits? Is it unnatural to pursue solitude? more inside
Superstar Varla Jean Merman more inside
Designer dogs are all the rage. They've been discussed here before. But can you tell the "real" designer dog from its humble cousin the shelter dog? Take the test and find out... more inside
Curious George: Small laptops I'm looking into getting a smaller laptop for writing and web development. I've been looking at the 12" iBook, and some of the smaller PC laptops as well. Any suggestions for useful, portable laptops? more inside

April 26, 2006

O, trembling horror! For some of us still without a brood, this reads true verbatim. O, horror! [VIA memepool]
William Burroughs Book Covers Via Screenhead & The Presurfer
Curious Poetical George: Night Poetry I'm looking for Poems about night. more inside
Kingda Ka holds the current records for tallest (456 feet) and fastest (128 mph) roller coaster in the world. Purists still love the old wooden coasters, while the Japanese seem to like longer rides, including the 8,133 foot long Steel Dragon 2000. Not everyone is a fan, however.
Curious, George: OSX Keychain Help. I need to change the password on my Keychain, but I don't know the old one. How do I change a password withold knowing the current one?
Vidstone. The personalised memorial stone featuring a video slide show (with sound) of the loved one's most precious moments. W. T. F.
Drag Legend, Jackie Beat
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