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April 23, 2006

New York Times Magazine Syndicates Jaime Hernandez login: spambobby password: password In case you don't know, Jaime is one of Los Bros Hernadez, authors of Love & Rockets. more inside
Shot For Having PTSD PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) was recognized even by the Greeks, who called it "war exhaustion". Yet hundreds of British and Commonwealth soldiers serving under British command were shot for 'cowardice' in WWI, even though those ordering men - often only teenagers - before the firing squads knew about what was then called 'shell-shock'. They shot them anyway. more inside

April 22, 2006

Free Starbucks Coffee for Canadians today. Bring yer own mug for teh free coffee. Canadians only. Saturday 22nd. Ta celebrate yer Earth day.
Spineless book Including 2002: a Palindrome Story. more inside
Gunshot suicide in a police interrogation room - surprisingly, this is not from rotten.com or ogrish.com but instead snopes.com. [WARNING: disturbing streaming .wmv] I'm even more surprised that the Mikkelsons didn't put a warning on the page as per their usual protocol, considering this is probably the most disturbing thing I've seen on that site by far. Albeit the title of the link should have given me paws. more inside

April 21, 2006

Water Bottle Jet Pack [Google Video]
Friday Flash: Orangutwang Swing from tree to tree, eat bananas, avoid spiders...the usual stuff.
Humans Are Cat Food? "The theory of Man the Hunter as our archetypal ancestor isn't supported by archaeological evidence. . . Is Man the Hunter a cultural construction of the West? . . . Our species began as just one of many that had to be careful, to depend on other group members, and to communicate danger. We were quite simply small beasts within a large and complex ecosystem." via Arts & Letters Daily
Homosexuality is shameful in Asia This news got me searching on the ubiquity of the phrase "Homosexuality is shameful", which lead me to this. Not being Asian (geographically and culturally speaking), I found it interesting reading. Perhaps you will to.
E-Closure allows people to post their breakup conversations anonymously online, for 'closure', rather than, say, 'revenge'. more inside
I don't get it
Roller Derby. more inside
Indie Comic Star and Illustrator recreates the X-Men The Doug Wright Awards given to Canadian comics and illustrators has an exclusive image by Seth more inside
David Bowie is very disappointed in you
Happy National High Five Day And no, that's not a euphemism.

April 20, 2006

Animal researchers start petition to allow 'silent majority' to support them. "The People's Petition" allows you to register your support for animal research in the UK.
It's a campaign for people who believe that this research, carried out under stringent animal welfare standards, is essential to the health and quality of life of humans and animals.
more inside
Curious George: wearing in my boots is wearing my feet out! I love my 14-hole white Docs. But I've been trying to break them in for a year now and I still get blisters. more inside
To cell or not to cell ! All one requires is a cell phone which has numbers of a size one might see without the aid of ocular assistance, and that one may switch on to make and recieve 'phone calls. Add that it should be of a size which will not slide into miniscule areas of furniture thus requiring that one delve into the depths of same with surgical tongs in a vain attempt to extract the accursed device. Do others have a similar frustration?
Etymologic - try a quick multiple-choice guess-the-etymology game. Betcha don't know the origin of "Amazon".

April 19, 2006

Advertising only works on other people! A fantastic slideshow explaining semiotics, and the insidious(?) use of semiology in advertising. more inside
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