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December 19, 2003

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good monkey.
An antidote to all this LOTR mania.
Nazo le Skizo, a "stuffed monkey with a big nose" who goes through mood changes, "has been ordered removed from stores around France because it is offensive to schizophrenics." But just look at him! How can that li'l fellow be offensive?
It's a Hell of a gift.
Messages for one, read by all at the Royal Journal of Found Art. more inside
White Ninja Comics. A bit of Friday Fun. Watch White Ninja be content, not be a king, experiment with hairstyles and throw a dinner party. Anyone got any other little-known webcomics they enjoy?
Who is most *&#$@% A friend burned a Ween CD for me (lyrics from "Baby Bitch"). I just bought NWA Straight Outta Compton (lyrics from FTP) again, I have no idea where the last one went. Who swears the most? And who gets the most effect for their swearing dollar/shekel/zloty? Lyrics NSFW, but you knew that.
Party at Wendell's! Who's going?
Curious George How many members do we want? Should we solicit more members, and from where? more inside
The Lord of the Badgers: Return of the Badgers. [Flash] [Via MeFi]
Viewing This Site Will Rot Your Teeth. (via The Imaginary World)
Curious George Sport V. Pastime more inside

December 18, 2003

"American Brandstand is a barometer of 'brand relevance' in hip-hop and youth culture." There were 82 different brands mentioned in the Billboard Top 20 in 2003: *The most mentioned brand: Mercedes Benz. *The artist who mentioned most brands: 50 Cent. *Only one branded song was not connected to hip-hop or R&B: Good Charlotte's 'Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous'. I am lamely admitting linkage from Gawker.
Curious, George: We need a new word. more inside
Who knew that "heavy petting" was so germy? "Handling another's seemingly healthy genitals is generally perfectly safe, however, one must be very careful to then not handle their own genitals or mucous membranes, unless it is with their other, uncompromised hand, or transference will occur." Ewww.
The truth about John Lennon's murder. File under "Magnificent Obsesions:" Steve Lightfoot has the goods on Lennon's murder, and wants to tell you all about it. Among those implicated by Lightfoot are Nixon, Reagan... and Stephen King. Especially Stephen King.
CURIOUS, GEORGE I'm a 41-year-old male in reasonable shape. I do not smoke, I'm married with no kids yet but we're trying. Should I be thinking of buying life insurance? (A close pal died last year about this time and his family was financially wrecked...) Or should I invest it elsewhere?
Justify Your Love: You are an unprincipled, spoiled, conceited brat! It's the Holidays. What are You doing to be good during the one time of year you're somewhat supposed to?
Beautiful prints by an unsung Master. And the most elegant and understated use of Flash I've seen in a long time, via my pal Matt of Scrubbles.
President of the Apes! [Quicktime, AVI versions here.]
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