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November 28, 2003

Historic tale construction kit [needs Flash] construct your own storys
Codex SERAPHINIANVS Strange and Extraordinary Representations of Animals and Plants and Hellish Incarnations of Normal Items from the Annals of Naturalist/Unnaturalist Luigi Serafini. Rather strangely beatiful works of art.
I have a crush on Dora Dare.
Little Red Riding Hood and her furry friends. If someone can explain what the hell this is about, I would be grateful. [Quicktime.] [Via Boing Boing.]
Band-aids are so pass
Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Pirated MP3s "Do not be frightened, young children, I am Lars Ulrich, powerhouse drummer for Metallica, and we are needing your help, Encyclopedia Brown."
chemical in turkey makes me sleepy

November 27, 2003

I was looking for a list of prime numbers when I descovered this wonderfully useful tool.
Luciferous Logolepsy Do you fear a kerasine baffona? Are you a bibliobibuli?
Books cost a bomb, film at 11 In the course of my work, more and more trade paperbacks are coming across my desk, and I wonder more inside
Song Trellis - A Collection of Music and Musical Know-How For You
Scheduled Server Outage From our hosting company: The data center that our servers are located in will be undergoing a major network upgrade on Friday, 5 December. This will result in a maximum downtime of 4 hours from 6pm. Unfortunately, the timing of the event is outside of our control. We apologise for any inconvenience that may result from this upgrade. That's NZDT, or GMT+13 hours.
What's trendy in Japan, according to Rie. Are you kawaii or are you an oyaji? A site with everything from essays on war to recipes for Japanese curries to the Japanese online dating scene.
Breaking News for MeFi Wannabes Matt must've got antsy when the MoFi membership hit 100.
Harvard @ Home : Multimedia Lectures from Harvard on a variety of topics. Currently you can hear Professor Diana Eck lecture on the Manifestations of Shiva. You can also look in the archive for lectures on topics such as The Recovery of the Bach Manuscripts,Oliver Cromwell or Beethoven's Ninth Symphony
Mathematical patterns in african-american hairstyles "Ethnomathematics is the study of mathematical ideas involved in the cultural practices of a people. Its richness is in exploring both the mathematical and educational potential of these practices."
Black Man with a Gun. Maybe he could teach these guys about gun safety.
Allen Spiegel [fine arts] more inside

November 26, 2003

Apes face extinction. According to the UN's Great Apes Survival Project, all the apes - gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos and orangutans - face a very high risk of extinction within 50 years at most.
File this under "Why They Hate Us" The rest of the world, that is. They hate us because we make and market and buy things like Miracle Seat, "a vacuum toilet seat that COMPLETELY removes all odors BEFORE they escape from the toilet bowl."
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