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December 29, 2003

Do you prefer bubbles or antibubbles?
Losing touch with your pre-teen? Is she or he spending more time on AOL than with the family? Learn to speak the 'language'.
Filthy Monkey Flashhack.

December 28, 2003

Gay, anti-Vietnam and pro-choice demonstrations are being removed from video footage of the Washington Mall. There seems to be a trend towards editing history at the moment (see my last post). Here's an older article about rewriting history textbooks to "reflect multicultural values".
Teeny Bopper Record Shopper [flash game]
Is your observation sharp enough? more inside

December 27, 2003

The Biggest Suckers of 2003 more inside
Life is meaningless? Feel spiritually bereft? You know you gotta go out and 'get religion', but you don't know where to start. Never fear, these guys will help you get the ball rolling.
The Drudg Report I find this URL typo result hilarious (and the Google-like layout is clever). [no images, but text NSFW]
Snack Reports is a compendium of sophomoric examinations of 155 snacks by a handful of reviewers. Listed alphabetically, from Andy Capp's Hot Fries to Zingers. I found this site looking for Choward's Violet Mints, which they eloquently said: "Tastes like something out of your grandmother's underwear drawer. Or it tastes like bathroom cleaner. Or it tastes like cheap-ass perfume." At least it's not on this list!
A recipe for eggnog. [NY Times, registration required] What impressed me the most about this recipe and Amanda Hesser's accompanying article was the lack of dietary paranoia, specifically, the absence of the nanny-like fussing over the public health menace of raw egg whites or yolks that usually accompanies eggnog recipes. I reckon traditional eggnog to be safer than driving, for healthy adults, anyway. more inside
Where The Big Boys Go To Die.
More old skool: Who wouldn't love to put a page like this for that special loved one? Bad page design, good writing, hilarious anecdotes, a must read! more inside

December 26, 2003

"(Americans) should prepare...their coffins, hospitals and graves. The coming days will be full of surprises and great events which will make them a historic example." I've been wondering recently how much of terrorism is them simply terrifying us.
Meme Tree. I'm not linking it. You know what I'm talking about. more inside
Eleanor of Aquitaine Grand daughter of the first noble troubador, married to the king of France and the king of England, mother of Richard Lion Heart and King John of Magna Carta fame, crusader, imprisioned by her second husband for years after she supported her sons in a rebellion against him, doyen of courts of love. more inside
Anime and Puberty collide and no one is happy about it. "Presenting what is most likely the stupidest thing anyone has ever written." Whoa boy. I can't stop laughin'. courtesy of Something Awful.
Dept. of Good Deeds Step 1) Make two piles: one for all the good stuff from Santa, and one for all the stuff that you don't want... Step 2) Barter the stuff in pile two with your kid brother or cousins or grandma... Step 3) Still got stuff in pile two? Use this website to help others make a better life with your unwanted booty. Step 4) Revel in the endorphin rush of a good deed done!

December 25, 2003

Hunting the elusive.. In the global marketplace, many things are traded but some may shatter our childhood dreams. This is one of them.
General statement. more inside
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