June 09, 2005

Where All Grades Are Above Average The author of this Washington Post article tracks trends in grade inflation at American universities. more inside
Sir (or ma'am), you're making a scene. Histrionic George: Have you ever created a public disturbance? Ever tried to be invisible while someone else did? more inside
Spot the Murderer! more inside
Curious George: Best lyrics sites? I often have to find lyrics so I can transcribe (or at least learn) songs that my guitar students have requested. Everything from Hillary Duff to Harry Chapin or Third Eye Blind (that's just this afternoon). A Google search usually results in a heapload of crap (poor formatting, spelling, inaccurate, etc.). Any suggestions or discoveries?
These signs are no longer pedestrian (1 slightly NSFW) Slight alterations in these signs have created new meanings! Fun, one risque. She's started a Flickr group and asked if others have ped sign alterations.
The Defiant Digit. Bothered by tailgaters at night? Not anymore. Heh.
The last word on feathered dinosaur art! This is a man who loves his work. (I don't think that weird number on the home page is a self portrait, but You Never Know.)
Curious words: seriously looking for words unique to a language that express ideas unexpressed in Standard US English: more inside
PostSecret PhotoMontage
Direct QT link [76MB](with sound + voiceover) from: here, of course.
previous mofi
Not just any ole remodel. The Art League of Houston is getting a new building. But instead of just tearing down the old one they decided to have this done in the meantime. This site specific sculpture will be torn down sometime this summer.
Epic2015. (Flash.) Google. Amazon. Friendster. Microsoft. Blogger. How far will it go? An interesting set of hypotheses, via ABS.
Curious George: fat cat problem. Wondering if any Monkeys have any suggestions for my particular cat feeding problem, as we're clean out of suggestions in this house! more inside
Midnight Ukulele Disco (QuickTime content) via
Are you an upper-class monkey, a middle-class monkey or a lower-class monkey? This is a nifty little interactive graphic from the NY Times recent articles on class. Thought i'd FPP it because it has a Curious George thing to it. The graphic postulates that class is a combo of occupation, education, income and wealth. You select what applies to you and it'll crank your class score. Thanks to jb and rhiannon for the references from that other thread. ...and yeah, no matter what class you're in, you are still classy, you monkeys you. more inside
James Dean's Adventures. I just thought this was too hilarious. The congas! The Barbies! Um, maybe not the best of the web, but kind of fun. I do love kitsch.
Scientists. Sometimes you want to read about people messing with the green and wet. Sometimes you want to read about people working with the Great Big Out There. Other times you want to read about people working with tiny little things. Maybe you want to read about people trying to make the grade. And (if you're like me) you really, really like to play. more inside
Curious George: How to link multiple wireless routers... more inside

June 08, 2005

I like monkeys
Curious, George: Apocalypse Back Then I don't have a link, which is why I'm getting in touch with you. I'm looking for a science-fiction novel that probably was published some time in the 1980s or 1990s, may have a woman author, and had to do with life in Topanga Canyon before and after the Bomb fell on L.A. It was neither Into the Forest nor The Gate to Women's Country, both of which are set in northern California. It contains one unforgettable scene in which surfers are surfing on the melted sands of Malibu Beach. Does this ring any bells with sci-fi-reading monkeys?
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