January 02, 2005

A yummy Gingerbread CPU. Also on this site: a gingerbread laptop.

December 05, 2004

Florida Holiday Monkey Meetup Melinika and I were chatting on #mofirc about December meetup action around the weekend of the 18th. more inside

November 26, 2004

Meet James Ensor Much, much more inside. more inside

November 25, 2004

The Institute for Creation Research , a San Diego-based "Christ focused Creation ministry where science and the Bible are fully integrated." Check out their graduate school.

October 30, 2004

This pamphlet, found in Milwaukee, really ticked me off. [Via this post at Creek Running North]

October 28, 2004

The Alternate History blog. "Important events in history that never happened today." [via the Daily Illuminator at Steve Jackson Games]

October 26, 2004

No Child Left Behind: The Test A pretty good primer on the aims and effects of NCLB, in standardized test format.

October 23, 2004

Meet Jack Chick A Catholic writer's encounter with the elusive Jack Chick. more inside

October 09, 2004

Joey the Midwife: An Adversising Agency Featuring innovative branding strategies such as "Space noises." Find Joey's work for Nissan at my new fighting technique is unstoppable.

September 15, 2004

A gallery of sexually modified stuffed animals (kind of NSFW), found via die puny humans. If you don't know what a plushie is and you don't want to know, then don't click on this link to the alt.sex.plushies FAQ.

September 13, 2004

A geek's dream wedding. I'm so conflicted... is this completely appalling, or totally rad? more inside

September 11, 2004

The History of Eating Utensils The Rietz Food Technology Collection, housed at the California Academy of Sciences.

September 10, 2004

The Beaufort Wind Scale Invented in 1806, and its descriptions are strangely touching.

September 04, 2004

Beastly Garden of Wordy Delights Contains plurals, collective nouns, sounds, gender designations and offspring names for various animal species. Interesting resource.

August 28, 2004

Furious George and the Cross-Country Crime Spree A rather addictive game featuring a lovable monkey and heinous criminal acts. Travel from state to state! Commit atrocities! Rack up points!

August 11, 2004

They Might Be Downloads John Flansburgh of They Might Be Giants recently gave an interview to MSNBC wherein he makes some interesting observations about the future of music. One way in which TMGB is challenging the current paradigm is by securing the digital rights to their music, and selling mp3s of their latest recordings (and recordings of entire concerts!) on their website. more inside

August 10, 2004

Links to new Gmail applications Some of these seem potentially great, and I'll no doubt be playing around with a few of them. [Via MeFi]

August 06, 2004

Badbossology Protecting people & companies from bad bosses.

August 02, 2004

The CSS Zen Garden "A demonstration of what can be accomplished through CSS-based design. Select any style sheet from the list to load it into this page." There are some wonderful examples here of what CSS can do when used by talented designers.

July 30, 2004

An introduction to Leet. Something of a followup to this thread.
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