August 16, 2005

The Sarcastic Sex Toys blog (NSFW) features reviews of interesting and poorly-named devices such as the "Fist of Adonis" and "Sure Grip Tighten-Her Cream." [via the similarly NSFW Fleshbot]

August 05, 2005

Glitterrock is a "screen capping" site where people have been posting entertaining captions for television and film screen shots for several years now. The site is a little hard to navigate, but you can find links to the galleries here. The humor is a little uneven (this is the internet, after all), but when it's good, it's pretty damn funny. Star Wars Caps. Star Trek Caps. Doctor Who Caps.

August 01, 2005

Glassbreaks: Philip Glass vs. Hiphop warning: mp3s more inside

July 13, 2005

A pictorial survey of uniforms worn by British schoolboys over the years

June 29, 2005

Today's Front Pages: a nifty Flash application that allows you to see which news stories are getting front-page play across the country. [via kos]

June 24, 2005

Nerds make better lovers. But we knew this already. If you don't feel like dropping by your local chess tournament, particle accelerator lab or Dungeons and Dragons game to find your own hawt geek companion, you can do so online (surprise!) at sites such as Geek 2 Geek and Star Trek Dating. [via craigblog]

June 09, 2005

May 25, 2005

The Golden Record Now that Voyager I is about to hit interstellar space, it's a good time to take a look at the copper disc containing Earth's message to whomever discovers the spacecraft. Find a multimedia version (flash) here.

May 17, 2005

2,443 Dirty Words (NSFW) Many of you remember Carlin's famous "10 words you can't say on the airwaves" monologue. Well, at his site he has an expanded list with such categories as male genitals, ejaculate and sexual arousal (both sexes). It's crude, potentially probably offensive, very NSFW and funny as hell if this is the type of thing you like. What are your favorite terms?

April 18, 2005

"TJCG is God and is SPREADING and SHEDDING LIGHT in a DARK World." Ted Jesus Christ GOD has been working on his True Third Testament to the Bible for a while now. He wants your virgin daughters (which makes him kind of a David Koresh figure without the guns and shredding metal guitar licks). Perhaps because he often finds himself being drastically hacked by demons, he's a big Linux advocate. [via the Daily Illuminator]

April 10, 2005

The Sasquatch Information Society and the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. Each group has a sightings database. more inside

March 30, 2005

Russian scientists determine that "whipping therapy" can cure depression and suicide crises by increasing the production of endorphins. S&M as therapy? [via the science blog Gene Expression]

February 15, 2005

The ALLERCA Foundation "is dedicated to preserving endangered animal species through the use of current and future genetic technologies" such as DNA banking... but there seems to be a profit-driven angle involving hypo-allergenic kitties as well. Veterinarians will have to pony up $1,000 per year to be licensed to "OK" the cats after they're shipped by Allerca. more inside

February 05, 2005

Have you ever found yourself in a situation wishing that you were sweet like Uncle Jesse? Maybe your wife is giving you lip, or perhaps you've had your manhood challenged by your childhood friend Scott Baio. It could be just that you want to learn cool facts about a great TV character, or that you want to teach kung fu to a monkey. To find the answers to these questions, simply look deep within yourself and ask: What Would Uncle Jesse Do?

February 04, 2005

Domina mea exstat a tergo! A Latin translation of Sir Mix-A-Lot's hit Baby Got Back. Find the rest of the song translated elsewhere on LiveJournal. Classics scholars can also find a Greek translation here (although that page looks a little broken).

January 29, 2005

#mofirc weekend party! Old-school IRC chat action. more inside

January 21, 2005

Every Nintendo game, from Abadox to Zombie Nation, in Java format.

January 10, 2005

Did Morrissey's lyrics predict Princess Diana's death? Yet another candidate for the "Magnificent Obsessions" file.

January 09, 2005

The Georgia Guidestones are one of many Stonehenge clones in America. The stones are built to exacting astronomical specifications, and are inscribed with "10 Guides" (obliquely referencing the 10 Commandments). The monument has inspired a composition by Yoko Ono (found on this album) and multiple conspiracy theories.

January 03, 2005

The results of dialing 867-5309 from every US area code. Something of a followup to this thread. [Via MeFi]
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