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September 15, 2008

David Foster Wallace, dead at 46. The guy who wrote the doorstop Infinite Jest.
Can Mother Nature forgive us? . Watching the barn door after the pit's been poisoned. Superfraud?

September 14, 2008

Stonehenge 'was hidden from lower classes' - Archaeologists have uncovered the remains of what they believe to be a 20ft fence designed to screen Stonehenge from the view of bloody peasants. more inside

September 13, 2008

ET could 'tickle' stars to create galactic internet say eggheads.

September 12, 2008

Les Misbarack
Cops illegally taped nursing home sex. GrossOutNewsFilter to start your weekend off right. Detailed Court decision available here [PDF]. more inside
A collection of vintage monkey cartoonsPlease note that for the sake of these cartoons, and our amusement, ‘monkey’ includes all primates that have hair all over their bodies. Yes I know a gorilla is not technically a monkey, Mr. Smarty-smart-smart… but I’ll call it a monkey if I damn well please!
another shameless theft der von boingsie.
NY Post Movie Critic Lou Lumenick Attacks Roger Ebert at Toronto Film Festival The 66 year-old Ebert, still unable to speak following his recent cancer and surgery, apparently tapped Lumenick on the shoulder to signal that he could not see the screen. Lumenick responded by screaming "Don't touch me!" and hitting him "with a big festival binder. He hit him so hard everybody could hear it. Everyone freaked out and turned around." more inside
The 'Altin Mikrofon' Contest (1965-68) "The musicians who wanted to attend the contest had to either compose songs in Turkish or arrange a traditional tune. Also they had to perform this in a western style with electric western instruments!". more inside

September 11, 2008

Jeff Koons took his doggie to Versailles.
A Children's Treasury of Terrible 9/11 Art- On this solemn day a half-dozen years ago, nearly 3,000 people were horribly killed so that Rudy Giuliani could earn a hundred million dollars and run for president of 9/11 and the most corrupt administration in American History could wage endless war around the world that has killed some 700,000 people while finally restoring energy and defense stocks to the solid dividend payers favored by long-term investors. Also, “September the Eleventh” has inspired the most insipid, maudlin kitsch in the history of an already very kitschy nation, along with some truly stomach-turning old-fashioned American Huckersterism.

September 10, 2008

No, you! "Sidetaker: let the world decide who's at fault" Finally, a sensible use for the internet! Fighting couples can post their respective sides of an argument, and the internet votes on who's right! more inside
Election Projection. For your U.S. election forecast needs: Electoral-vote, Fivethirtyeight, Pollster.
Planet of the Lemur: 10 Beautiful Little-Known Species.

September 09, 2008

Brilliant Noise The seething, screaming fury of that giant fusion reactor in the sky.
Fossil Fuels Brewing Co.: The Beer That Takes You Back . . . Millions of Years.
Useful Cheat Sheets for Web Designers

September 08, 2008

SPORE IS HERE!!!!!! Holy shit, it's finally here!!!!!! Fucking Spore!!!!!!! SHRIEK!!!!!!!!!! more inside
Einstein's 23 Biggest Mistakes - also: The Master's Mistakes.

September 07, 2008

The writ has been dropped. Canada's election is on.
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