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September 25, 2008

SLYT OMG! LOLZ! . We be some chillin' monkeys here. This is a test of the MonkeyFilter laidback quotient. Thank you for your patience.
Blog Monkey: Help name a monkey species after the blogosphere. [Via]
Jackie Chan brings peace to warring kungfu clans in Timor-Leste. Over to you, I think, Mr Herzog.
Chimps can recognize each other's butts according to a new study. Warning: Picture of chimp butt and stuff in article. more inside

September 24, 2008

Desperate antipodean speed dating.
MORE AQUA IN EXCESS. Fantasy Island and Atlantis rising. "Atlantis' backers are optimistic they can fill its 1,539 rooms despite the economic uncertainty wracking some of the world's richest economies."
Bruce, the banana-eating, mattress-shredding pig, is off to a piggery after trapping an Australian woman for 10 days.

September 23, 2008

crazy4cult Artists inspired by cult films. more inside
BOOGIE ON! Fun stuff. Love the blues, and the boogie woogie is in there from way back. This kid is brilliant, and here playing his own composition!
Dead horse found on 12th floor of apartment block - Police in Serbia called to investigate a strange smell in a block of flats found a horse jammed into a ventilation shaft 12 storeys up. How rare. I can only find this on the NZ site, NY Post and Ananova which is probably the source for the other organs, and not especially known for its reliability. Then again I can find nothing that damns anything from its pages as utter shite, so who knows?
World's Thinnest Balloon Created: Just One Atom Thick - researchers have created a graphene membrane that is just one atom thick - but strong enough to contain gases under several atmospheres of pressure without popping. The breakthrough could lead to a variety of new technologies - from ways to image biological materials in solution to atomic studies, but make for a startlingly boring Monkeyfilter post. Impermeable Atomic Membranes from Graphene Sheets: Abstract Full Text: HTML - PDF more inside
The Internationale - originally a French song, is now a well known song available in most major languages. My favourite so far? Japanese [this link may break later].

September 22, 2008

Curious George: Neighborhood Ethics? I have an ethical question to pose to the monkey herd: I heard a neighbor being verbally abusive to his wife. What should I do about it, if anything? more inside

September 21, 2008

Disney covers. MP3s. Interesting to compare the multiple interpretations of the popular ones.
Splish Splash. The world's biggest swimming pool? Looks a bit empty. Might be something to do with where it is?
The show must go on!! . Got fleas? Flea circus Flea circus? Flea circus! Flea. Circus. Flea circus Flea circus Flea circus. Yeah, baby.

September 20, 2008

The Daily Puppy. Puppies. Daily. Blatantly stolen off of muteboy's blog. Sorry, man.

September 19, 2008

Going nowhere in your job? Then go nowhere faster! Behold, the workplace treadmill! [via ATL]
Curious George.. new dog questions! OK, Mrs. HB has lined up a dog rescue/adoption for us.. I'm afraid that 1.) New dog will eat the cats and, 2. I'm too much of an idiot to train it... HELP! more inside
A 10-foot spinning orb to replicate Earth’s magnetic field. [Via]
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