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June 27, 2006

RIP Arif Mardin Ace record producer (Aretha, Averge White Band, Chaka Khan ...) rocks no more.
Man, I had forgotten how good Pete Seeger is. One thing I never knew though, was he had his own TV show. Luckily youtube has our back: The Weavers (he was a member) Mississippi John Hurt: part 1, part 2, and himself with Johnny and June Carter Cash. (For a little variety Pete on the Johnny Cash show.) more inside
The Thief and The Cobbler: Recobbled Filmmaker Garrett Gilchrist attempts to contruct of a final cut of Richard Williams epic, unfinished, animation project from a variety of sources that look like film, animatic, pencil tests, and video. more inside

June 26, 2006

It's nearly November Can't think of what to write about? No problemo: Random Logline Generator is here to help you. more inside
The Paul Daniels' eBay Transactions Blog. I'm sure many of us recall magician Paul Daniels' heyday in the 1980s with his lovely assistant Debbie. (He has his own blog, btw.) Someone discovered his eBay username and is blogging everything Paul buys and sells, including complex commentary on the bidding process. Another example of having too much time on your hands.
Herr Bear, we bury ya in Bavaria. "Bruno" -- the first wild brown bear to be sighted in Germany in over 170 years -- was shot dead over the weekend. more inside
Boys are more likely to grow up gay if they have older brothers - because of biology, rather than upbringing. more inside
Gabbly - Just add 'gabbly.com/' in front of any URL & you can have a little chat client spawn in the window. It allows you to chat around any webpage. ItÂ’s free to use! /wonders how long this will last

June 25, 2006

Geneology? LAME! If you really want to see whence you came, you can participate in the Genographic Project, which uses a sample of your DNA to delineate the travels of those who begot you. more inside
The New Shadow: Tolkien's quickly abandoned sequel to Lord of the Rings. more inside
Just in case you plan on kidnapping someone. Seriously, who has time to do all that cutting and pasting?
Boonville California is a small town in the Coast Range Mountains between the Sonoma Valley wine country and the Mendocinoo Coast. It's a scenic area and largely agricultural, but it's most widely know for Boontling, a folk language created there in the 1800s. With a vocabulary, of over a 1000 words, it was remarkable to hear. But, sadly, it's on the brink of pikin' to the dusties.
The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon You may have heard about Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon before. In fact, you probably learned about it for the first time very recently. If not, then you just might hear about it again very soon. But, there is Littlewood's law, which states that we each can expect a miracle to happen to us at the rate of about once a month. It appears our grip on reality is slim. more inside
DIY 1000 watt wind turbine "We built a 1000 watt wind turbine to help charge the battery bank that powers our offgrid home." more inside
Run monkeys, run! Another light-hearted tutorial from the guy behind the LED Artcrime Tutorial. This one helps you avoid unnecessary pain when starting to run.

June 24, 2006

Keen of trimly
A trip to North Korea Photos by Russian web designer Artemii Lebedev.
This is Haywards Heath "The average sized town between London and Brighton on the A272". So much to see and do, fine cuisine, great shopping and friendly pubs. Sadly love connections can no longer be made.
President Bush sings U2's Sunday Bloody Sunday. Max Headroom style! Along the lines of dickcream's (NSFW) quirky spliced video shorts... surprisingly better than one might expect. the mp3 is old but the video is new iirc. It is not a rebel song. more inside
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