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June 05, 2006

on-line resources for victims of ATM fraud This is related to a very interesting article from the Register last year: How ATM fraud nearly brought down British banking, which detailed how prone the early ATM systems were to fraud. more inside
In homage of our good friend aluminum foil. We use it often, yet we so rarely stop to admire it's shiny foily-ness. What can you do with foil? more inside
Furious George So is it just me or does Endnote totally suck? more inside

June 04, 2006

Formaldehyde and Fido (video): What is with people who feel the need to have pickled pets? Is this a strange cousin of taxidermy, or a branch of mental illness? more inside
this Wiki is an attempt to create a complete reference to Asian pop culture
This is a really good idea. The internets should have complete references of South American popular culture, and of African popular culture, and of otther places where funny-coloured people live. more inside

June 03, 2006

Why did God ignore Colonel Steve Austin? Logic and theology dancing around the "may" pole holding hands.
Drawing is fun. I spend many hours here at iSribble and find it to be great fun. With friendly people and lots of talent. If you like to draw check it out.
American Monsters purports to be "your one stop guide to all things cryptozoological." The supernatural beasties covered by the site can be found here. One of the more interesting features of the site (even if it's a little incomplete) is the Monster Map.
Eternal Sunset follows the sunset around the world with webcams. Windows users could also use Desktop Earth to follow the sun on its path from inside your dark cold house or cubical.
Curious, George: Cultural misconceptions I recently met a Chinese woman who moved to NZ in January and is studying NZ English and cultural norms. Her English tutor told her class that in New Zealand, it is inappropriate to touch a child's head -- which is rubbish. What have you been told or otherwise heard about other cultures that turned out to be wrong? What have you heard that sounds wrong and you'd like to find out the truth? more inside

June 02, 2006

I didn't understand a word, but it doesn't matter. Viggo as el capitán Alatriste. Bueno. Muy bueno. [direct video link of some kind]
Marshall McLuhanisms to refresh your mind. These thoughts are perhaps more relevant now than ever. more inside
Teenager's deodorant causes explosion. Mind you get the right colour next time.
Cuirios George: Shoes on or off in the house? (more inside) more inside
One girl was killed and another in a coma after an accident. The VanRyn family has kept a blog detailing their comatose daughter Laura's recovery since a truck hit the van in which she and Whitney Cerak were passengers. However, when "Laura" woke up, they realised that the comatose girl was not their daughter. (Warning: really depressing.)
The #mofirc army wants you! Yes, folks - it's that time again. The IRC wing of Monkeyfilter, unofficially known as the "mofircers", wants you! Yes, you! Now! Join, or ... just join! more inside

June 01, 2006

The Ship That Sailed to Mars Online version of William Timlin's 1923 illustrated book. more inside
Pictures to confuse your soul and make you go pee pee in your pants. I think I need a chair without wheels, this one isn't stable enough after looking at these pictures.
We are not alone 18 year old kid discovers eight new species in a cave deep under Israel.
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