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June 30, 2006

The Newbie's Guide to Detecting the NSA It's not surprising that an expert hired by EFF should produce an analysis that supports the group's case against AT&T. But last week's public court filing of a redacted statement by J. Scott Marcus is still worth reading for the obvious expertise of its author, and the cunning insights he draws from the AT&T spy documents. . . . With that in mind, here's the 27B Stroke 6 guide to detecting if your traffic is being funneled into the (AT&T) secret room on San Francisco's Folsom street. via more inside
Ails and Tails One has discovered than one is an Ailurophile. Given their venerable history, is it better to be thus than to be an Ailurophobe?
London Meetup MCVII (or something) I'm going to UK in mid-August, so.... more inside
Awesome Periodic Table of the Elements in Flash and another one that's not quite as awesome but super all the same done with Ajax. Requires FLASH for the first one, & JavaScript enabled in your browser for the second. SFW. No sound. Duh.
Singh, the man with the hat, Marwari, the horse with the ears If God didn't create the horse, He wouldn't have created the Rajputs The battle horse, animated, proud A beautiful American and a handsome Singh team up to save the modern Marwari more inside
Smashening and Splashening. Home made high-speed photography.

June 29, 2006

Curious George: Que est-ce que ringtone? Now that phones can play pretty much any sound as a ringtone, what do you use? more inside
Royalty Free Stock Photography - Download 400+ quality royalty free stock photos for free. Note that these images range from 400kb to around 1.5mb, and are 1200 x 900 to 1600 x 1200.
Where the hell is Matt?
Goregirl's Guide to Women in Music This is a terrific guide to women in rock music. From 'til Tuesday to Zusu's Petals, women have played a huge role in rock history. more inside
Shhh!! Most Americans don't know Canada is their biggest oil supplier. Then again neither did I.

June 28, 2006

Evolution of the eye. Short video where scientist explains how the evolutionary process indeed can produce complex things such as in this case, eyes. View it and then decide if you should turn your brain-thing ON or OFF.
CueRIose gEorjeh - (sp?) I find that there are some words that I just *cannot* type correctly no matter how hard I try. more inside
Monkey Birthday + Going Away Party LA Monkeys are at it again! It's time to celebrate sexyrobot's belated birthday and new radioactive kitchen. Special Guest Stars: punk rock bathroom and new art. But that's not all! more inside
Curious George and his car tunes. Well, summer cruisin' season is upon us. Time to roll down all the wagon's windows, drape your arm over the door, and staight-arm steer at two o'clock, blasting out tunes all over the nieghbourhood and having the bass reverb dislodge all the plastic in your car. What cruisin' tunes do you prefer, to aid in your non-chalant pissing-off of everyone within earshot? more inside
Learn English as you exercise. TV in Japan presents (via YouTube) Zuiikin English. These mesmerizing videos feature a short dramatic sequence followed by phrase repetition while aerobic exercising. more inside
Valve publishes statistics from players of Half Life 2: Episode 1, collated using Steam. Warning - contains Half Life 2: Episode 1 spoilers, although you probably guessed that. more inside
Trailers of Historically Significant Films
Cur-IRC-ous George IRC hates me. Help! more inside

June 27, 2006

McDonalds - Global Sanctum? "Indeed, despite its vaunted reputation as a juggernaut of American culture, McDonald's has come to function as an ecumenical refuge for travelers of all stripes. This is not because McDonald's creates an American sense of place and culture, but because it creates a smoothly standardized absence of place and culture — a neutral environment that allows travelers to take a psychic time-out from the din of their real surroundings." Still, I had fun visiting India, Russia, Japan, South Africa and some quirky Island. more inside
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