June 28, 2005

Easy Drinking? Dudes, whisky doesn't have to be just for old folks anymore, and neither do you run the risk of affectation. I so totally want the smokey peaty one, though my taste test tells me I'm more likely to prefer the rich spicy one (so does this mean I should like my whisky how I like my men?) but sadly there are no stockists in my part of Cananananananada. Shame. Linkie originally found through BBC, is this cheating?

June 04, 2005

SandCastleCentral! Yaaaay, Summer is here! Grab your bucket and spade, kids, let's go find some sand... These folk are creative, environmentally-aware jammy S.O.B.'s, whose job is the most fun you can have on a beach (with your clothes on). It's not all playtime though - to become a master carver you must compete internationally against other frighteningly talented people. These guys make this sort of thing look easy. more inside