October 19, 2006

Turkmenbashing President Saparmurat Niyazov - or Turkmenbashi, as he likes to be known - has just unveiled a gigantic glittering book-shaped building celebrating press freedom. more inside

March 26, 2005

Last call for the London MoFi/MeFi meetup... 6pm-ish today, The Fitzroy Tavern, Charlotte St, fairly near Tottenham Court Road tube. more inside

February 25, 2005

London Meetup: Redux The Great God Marduk, God of Spring, Guardian of the Law, and slayer of Tiamat, has risen. more inside

January 12, 2005

"People are to be tortured in laboratories at Oxford University in a United States-funded experiment to determine whether belief in God is effective in relieving pain."

November 19, 2004

Don't click the link below NSFW, shock site. Bad bad images, loud audio, buggers your browser.

November 15, 2004

Boris! BorisWatch! BorisBlog! BorisBogOff! WhyWeLoveBoris! WhySomePeople,Er,Don't! more inside

October 22, 2004

Guess whose birthday it is today... more inside

October 18, 2004

What the hell am I doing here? Lovely little flash animation for Radiohead's Creep. It really... grows on you. more inside

September 05, 2004

God Almighty, why all this talk, why must We prattle about a handful of dust? The poems of 13th century Turkish mystic and humanist Yunus Emre, poems of divine love and earthly devotion. more inside

August 31, 2004

Juan the Bear attempts Zoo escape - with a bicycle. Yes, there's a photo, thank the Lord. Following on from the tragic tale of Nina, the lovelorn Komodo Dragon who died trying to find happiness, and the scary Gorilla thing from March, is this some kind of co-ordinated plot we're seeing emerge? And how does the recent spate of Monkey Thefts tie into it all? Does this provide a clue? Does it? more inside

August 18, 2004

I'm sorry, sir, your application to link to this website has been turned down. Things you can't do at the Olympics, part 237,946: link to their website without written permission. more inside

July 23, 2004

Dance, and drink, and screw. Because there's nothing else to do. In which William Shatner covers Pulp's Common People, as previously promised. My brain has just launched legal action against my ears. (Quicktime, 2MB, large snippet of song) more inside

July 20, 2004

Transformers, breakdancing. Self-explanatory, really. Flash, fairly sizeable, marginally cooler than this or this.

July 02, 2004

Making Patents and Trademarks FUN!!! The United States Patent and Trademark Office teaches kids about the cool side of copyright, with such phrases as "Have You Hugged A Patent or Trademark Today?"... WARNING: Contains web design from the mid-nineties. more inside

June 16, 2004

How to make a Urine Sample. Recipes do vary, though. Either way... cheers, pissheads!

June 04, 2004

Ducks quack in regional accents! Fact. And echo in reginal accents too, presumably. more inside

May 13, 2004

Customers who bought Owl Puke also bought... One person's list of the weirdest items you can buy from Amazon. While some verge on the mundane, I'm forced to admit that A Lobster, Natural Skunk Scent and Mr Poopy the Octopus are fabulous... more inside

March 26, 2004

Holy <$HolyItemDescription$>, Batman! A compilation of every "Holy x, Batman!" phrase ever uttered by Robin. Thank God. (via qwghlm)

March 19, 2004

Good Old Diebold... ATM crashes; reboots with naught but Windows XP. Gets turned into rudimentary jukebox, security in no way compromised. more inside

March 10, 2004

The 2004 World Clown Association Convention , "Up, Up & Away", opened today in Albuquerque. It's got a terrific schedule schedule (PDF), so if you're in the area why not go along? more inside