In "Let's"

oh no wait that was platitudes shit

Oh, yeah, and air is great. Sorry if that's too much CONTROVERSY for you.

Waaaaaaah. Further evidence may be found here. Of particular interest: middleclasstool tattoo out-shoutage and WINECOSY!!!

also i'm totally not fucking the editor, for reals


Who was that boy that went *flash*? If anybody asks, you didn't see nothin'.

Yeah, I'm in.

In "Turkmenbashi is dead."

Is anybody else thinking of applying for the vacant position?

In "Triplets born to UK woman with two wombs: no, this isn't a Monty Python sketch"

In the newsroom in what I work, we were wondering if we should headline this story "Womb for one more?" Thankfully, we didn't. But we did have the scan showing them all in the womb, which the BBC don't have, so ha.

In "Turkmenbashi is dead."

Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone, Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone, Silence the pianos and with muffled drum Bring out the coffin, let the mourners WELL-MENTAL MELON-WORSHIPPING NUT-JOBS come.

In "Necro-Beastiality in the News"

*Walks away whistling*

In "Whatever happened to monkeyfilter?"

For God's sake, man! Wear underpants next time! Nobody would ever have said that back in the Good Old Days.


In "Turkmenbashing"

This is just a transparent attempt to wrestle back the focus of Western mockery from Kazakhstan. I'm playing into the man's hands, I know.

In "A tribute to Gail, the West Wing goldfish."

I love Gail. Gail is a symbol of hope in the world.

In "London Meetup MCVII (or something)"

*skulks off, disappointed at missing meetup*

Rome was very nice, by the way.

In "Pic of Prince Harry groping a blonde"

The Scum's pictures, by the way, are actually three years old, and quite possibly stolen and published without permission of the owner. The Sun's front page and centre-spread photographs of Prince Harry groping and kissing a girl are three years old and were not taken this summer as the newspaper claims today, according to Clarence House. There also appears to be a question mark over how the photographs came to be published, with Clarence House claiming that their owner, Natalie Pinkham - the girl whose breast Prince Harry is pictured fondling - did not give her permission for them to be printed. The Sun's page one, headlined "Dirty Harry" and tagged "picture exclusive", claims that the six photographs were taken "this summer in trendy nightclub Boujis". But Paddy Haverson, Prince Charles' communications secretary, told that the pictures were taken at another nightclub, Purple, in September 2003 - before Prince Harry began dating his current girlfriend Chelsy Davy.

In "A short video (warning: Flash) about severl of the photos we have heard about recently involving Lebanon"

And bombs falling on innocent Lebanese and Israeli citizens were never a problem again.

In "If we allow gloryholes in Nyack, the terrorists will win."

Stephen Baldwin has just returned from California, where he was promoting his new Christian skateboard movie. None of Stephen Baldwin, California, Christianity or Skateboarding comes out of that sentence with their reputation improved.

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