October 02, 2005

MIT's Media Lab announces $100 Linux Laptop initiative. No, you can't buy one. But they may change the distribution of education in Africa, India, Brazil, and yes, Boston and Detroit. (more inside) more inside

August 31, 2005

Scientists decipher chimp DNA. "It's a huge deal," said Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Human Genome Research Institute, which provided some support for the project. "We now have the instruction book of our closest relative." (via Wired)

July 20, 2005

Only once in every 18.6 years, the northernmost moon rise of its cycle lines up with the axis of the earthen mounds in southern Ohio. 2000 years ago, Native Americans constructed circular and octagonal mounds, or earthworks, near what is now Newark Ohio. Astronomer Ray Hively and philosopher Robert Horn looked for reasons why the mounds and walls were built and oriented in this way. more inside

July 06, 2005

People Like Us at Optronica, National Film Theatre London, 22 July, 2005. PEOPLE LIKE US, aka Vicki Bennett, premieres her new show recontextualising sounds and images into a humorous yet sinister parody of Western culture. PLU MP3 downloads here and biography here. more inside