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Miles Davis inducted into rock and roll hall of fame. One question for Fillmore fans. Did Miles get in before Stevie Miller?

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I clcked on the "other languages" button--but, drat, no tagalog. I so wanted a tagalog translation.

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Dear American Left; You cannot win the hearts of people by having patrician millionaires guess at what "you people" want. Your leader must come from us, the people. Who will be strong enough, brave enough to fight, knowing that the first leaders will (symbollically) die in the battle? I don't think we will win by looking more like the right--so that our leaders get elected by mistake. And Levy is correct on many points--including that which remaisn of the left is as humorless and narrow-minded as a Donald Wildmon film festival.

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Sure. Good Effin Luck. They tried introducing this with Ronald Reagan, too. It didn't pass then, and it won't pass now. And if they did succeed in passing it, I would like to think that the people of the United States will not get fooled a third time.

In "Confessions of a Car Salesman"

Side comment to the new owner of a RAV4: Under the hood, near the right front wheel well, there is a sticker that shows when the drive belt was last replaced (should happen every 60k miles). It'll cost up to $400 to get the job done, deending on area prices, but it is a lot less expensive than a rebuilt or replaced engine. That said, our 1997 RAV4L has been a beauty. We bought it in 1999/2000 as it came off of a 3 year dealer lease, impeccably maintained. We have not had any major repairs in these past six years.

In "Things I Learn From My Patients"

My friend Mark did his ER rotation in Las Vegas. Despite the admonishment that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, this one was too good, and it got shared. Despondent guy #1 (D1) decides to kill himself. Discusses methodology with alcoholic friend (F). D1 thinks that pills will be the way to go. AF advises that if one fails, they will pump the stomach--thus causing pain, loss of valuable resources in obtaining the pills, and failure to administer the final curtain call. D1 then thinks that exhaust fumes will cause a nice hazy fade out. AF reminds D1 that it is hot in the desert, in a garage, with the motor running, and that a desire to evade the heat will trump desire to extinguish (what, no A/C in the car?). The solution? Oh, you would have probably come to the same plan...CHAINSAW!!!! With enough bottled courage aforehand. Guess what. It is very difficult to manuever a chainsaw to cut one's own throat, and the ripsaw blades evidently are quite painful. Good thing that D1's buddy, AF also helped drink the pre-ritual cocktails, so that he was clearheaded enough to administer a tourniquet to the neck of D1. Mark said that of course the first duty of the ER physiscian/surgeon is to stabilize the patient, but afterwards, one is permitted to laugh one's ass off at the stupidity of idiot.

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I was stunned to see this. She was a (and will remain) an important playwright. Nam June Paik also died. The art world bows in silence.

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don't have a cat. 'sniff. got a rat. she's a good rat, but she don't have a blog.

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I've seen exactly two of these nominated films--each nominated for but one award apiece--and I can say honestly that I rilly don't give a damn. I am not the target demographic.

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roryk, I respectfully disagree on Tufte and S'ingTFU. Winsor's analysis covers much of the same ground, and while Bush & Brownie have inculcated a culture of "not playing the blame game," in cases of analysis, it is instructive to learn from the mistakes so that the chance of repeating the error is lessened. Tufte's analysis and Winsor's are quite useful in teaching ethics to professional writers and communicators, especially when considering the presentation of information and the stasis of organizations when presented with information that runs counter to entrenched political (small p political) wisdom. In my opinion, it is important for Tufte to NOT STFU.

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"Benjamin Franklin is the only President of the United States never to have been President of the United States."

In "The London house"

"Benjamin Franklin is the only President of the United States never to have been President of the United States." oops. wrong thread. /skulks back to Firesign Theater...

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It was hotter than Hooker in Heater today, and hotter than Heater in Hellmouth. And your brain might not be the boss.

In "Seven myths"

Kitfisto, and perhaps others, might be interested in an article written by Dorothy Winsor, who is an expert on communication within organizations. I think she would agree that the disaster could have been avoided, but that there were many factors that worked against that happening. The abstract: Examination of the public documents available on the Challenger explosion shows that a history of miscommunication contributed to the accident. This miscommunication was caused by several factors, including managers and engineers interpreting data from different perspectives and the difficulty of believing and then sending bad news, especially to superiors or outsiders. An understanding of the dynamics at work in the Challenger case can help engineers and engineering managers elsewhere reduce miscommunication in their own companies. The full text (html): Challenger The full text (pdf): Challenger

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"Hudson's Bay heading south." Theme song by Wolfgang Press.

Didn't know they owned Zellers. Not that it makes much difference to me--once your dollar got stronger (or, after BushCo killed the US dollar) trips to Windsor didn't carry the lure they once had.

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June 24, my pops's birthday. Yay, pops! rest easy.

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I remembered a book called "Our Babies, Ourselves," which was based on or by the Boston Women's Collective, whose "Our Bodies, Ourselves" was a damn fine resource, but when I a9'd that title, it was by somebody else and more about biological issues than child rearing. So forget me, cuz my babies are so old that they regularly post to MeFi and Oh--watch out for any of those Dr. james Dobson books. Although, if you want a completely disconnected child...

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I'm confused about what exactly the strategy is--though I know that Sony once again proves it can't think straight.heh heh heh However, are there artists out there who want to reach a gay audience that are not able to do so? I may be suffering under outdated stereotypes, but I thought it were teh gay that either invented or noticed all the new cool hip music and fashions and then allowed the rest of us to share. I mean, for those who have been to any 'murrican sports arenas, one will see Straight-Middle-America all grinning and shit while they sing along with "YMCA".not that this is the BEST example And did anyone ask David Geffen his opinion?

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