September 22, 2004

Too much work to do? Want to put it off a little longer? Make your own paper airplane with flapping wings. Impress your co-workers and annoy your boss. Get nothing done, procrastinate more!

September 04, 2004

An indescribable horror. Direct, deliberate cruelty. The pictures that have been coming out of this horrendous attack have been sickening. more inside
Sunflowers = Hydrogen; The future for eco-cars? Could we grow our own gas in the future? more inside

August 29, 2004

"You don't support Democrats. Why should your ketchup? more inside

August 24, 2004

Having seen some Tibetan sand paintings, it got me searching for more Mandala images. more inside

June 14, 2004

Hhmmm, if I ever get hard-up for cash I may consider this approach.......... Andrea Fraser, a well regarded artist, admits "This is one of the most complicated pieces I've ever done." Yeah, it's tough going thru the whole Kama Sutra with an unidentified American collector who paid $20,000 to participate. The results; an hour of 'art'.

June 12, 2004

The marriage bed from the mens point of view. It's been an age old joke, married= no sex. But why does it happen? more inside

June 03, 2004

Polier does what reporters should have: A THOROUGH INVESTIGATION. Wrongly accused of having an affair with John Kerry, Alexandra Polier is vindicated through her own hard work and proves that a beautiful blond can have integrity and principals in the disreputable world of politics. (via Metafilter)

June 01, 2004

A collection of ideas that adults thought were true when they were children. This is a great site! Some truly hilarious anecdotes of childhood. So, monkeys, what are yours? Do tell.

May 30, 2004

Loretta Lux "imaginary portraits" of real children. Lux renders a vision of childhood that is beautiful, formal and chilling.
Chris Cooper, better known as Coop and the proud creator of Lesbian Devil Girls, screw-happy robots and supersize female vamps! NSFW!! Cartoon art, rock posters, tattoos, originals, books. Welcome to the world of Coop!

May 22, 2004

Curious George; What movies should I watch this weekend? I have reached a mental wall when it comes to picking out a movie to watch. Help!!! What can the monkeys recommend as good weekend material? more inside

May 07, 2004

Modern Living's Neurotica Series by Han Hoogerbrugge. Some freaky stuff. As I have joined the double-post club already, I'm hoping this will be successful. more inside

April 23, 2004

Curious George; What was the best concert you ever went to? Who was it? When was it? Where was it? more inside

April 14, 2004

Welcome to Tessellation World, M. C. Escher-type works by Makoto Nakamura Nakamura takes it several steps further. Impressive work, especially for anyone who is a fan of Escher's.

April 09, 2004

Curious George: How much are you paying for gasoline? With predictions of overwhelming increases at the pump, at what point do you start reconsidering your travel arrangements? How much is too much for you? more inside

March 27, 2004

A search-engine that tries to 'understand' its' visitors and find things you don't know about. This seems like an interesting effort in blending search/suggestion/discussion all into one. I have just signed on via Flork. more inside

March 07, 2004

Brought to you by the makers of 'Spongemonkey's' Looks to be a precursor to those Quiznos cuties. more inside
Don't view this one first thing in the morning. Scary tribute to the not so photogenic ladies (and I use that term loosely) out there. Probably NSFW, and turn your speakers down. more inside

March 02, 2004

Curious, George; Where are we? What country do each of us Monkey's live in? What state? Many of us didn't list our geographic status in our bio's. more inside
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