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March 16, 2010

Video game bosses' lament.
Not left to chance. Making sure you get that amazing wildlife shot by renting the wildlife is apparently a widespread, if somewhat under the radar, practice. more inside

March 15, 2010

Mix and match album covers Album cover art literally stitched together to create something new.

March 14, 2010

Star Wars as Icelandic saga - There is also an Old High German palimpsest known to scholars, later overwritten by a Latin choral and only partly legible to us today, which contains fragments of a version wherein “Veitare” survives to old age after slaying “Lûc” out of loyalty to the emperor, but is naturally still conflicted about the deed when the son of his daughter Leia avenges the killing on him.

March 13, 2010

Tree shrew lavatory in Borneo - the pitcher plant has evolved to capture tree shrew poo as a much needed source of nitrogen.
Lazertits! Because you always need to see nekkid ladies with lasers coming out of their boobs! Fluff for a Friday night.

March 12, 2010

So anyway, this website I visit reckons that I suck (well, not me personally, we've never met, but in a Venn Diagram I would be in the "suck" balloon...) because I block their ads. They've now written a detailed guide to not blocking their ads. more inside

March 11, 2010


March 10, 2010

A regular dose of lemon juice , that's all it took to prevent scurvy. The Royal Navy knew that in the 18th century. So why was scurvy back at the start of the 20th?
Ten songs you know, that never won an Oscar, in their original movie form. I never knew that Dean Martin had to fend off Jerry Lewis's bleatings whilst crooning "That's amore." And wouldn't we all prefer "Mean green mother from outer space" to be a standard instead of "Take your breath away"?
Star Wars Made In France [SLYT] I have no words to describe this. It has to be seen and heard. [via]

March 09, 2010

Building better teachers - or rather, preparing teachers better. (via, which includes this singularly *ahem* illuminating comment on why one is not prime. anyway.)

March 06, 2010

I don't know if this really counts as a link, but I've added a twist. Yeah, it's just a link to Google Maps. But wait, there's more...I've sort of invented a game. more inside
Curious George: has anyone experienced sleep paralysis? The other night, I dreamed a child was running into traffic with a hood over her head. With an immense effort, and several tries, a horrible croak awoke my mate, and so dissipated the wisps of nightmare. It was what it was, but I'm hoping others will share less pedestrian examples...
A new commercial from Rhett and Link. more inside

March 05, 2010

Pictures from the International Space Station via Twitter user @Astro_Soichi (Soichi Noguchi).

March 02, 2010

They Don’t Make Computer Manuals Like They Used To.
The Chilean earthquake may have tipped the earth's axis. The latest quake was big enough to affect the planet's rotation. more inside
The Oops Design Award is only in its first year, but you can already find dozens of silly, impractical and sometimes downright dangerous product designs on the site.
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