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June 13, 2009

1-click Award.

June 11, 2009

Indian sex workers learn karate. "Prostitutes in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu have begun taking karate lessons to protect themselves from violent customers and pimps." [Via]

June 09, 2009

A new use for old CDs George W. Hart, formerly artist in residence at MIT, explains the math behind his bizarre constructions. Many of them use traditional methods of fabrication, but the ones called Gonads of the Rich exemplify the hyperexpensive methods of stereolithography (like $13,000 for an 8" long object made that way, I was once told). Cheaper are the virtual objects like these AVI animations of George's structures growing forth... more inside
Baby Baboon - By Weebl. WARNING: FLASH. Insane Catchiness. Endless Loop. Via BLORT more inside
Mind-Melting Demo Disasters - Anonymous demos from an indie label. [via] more inside

June 08, 2009

You can't handle the squeeeeee! . Squeee Babbys

June 07, 2009

AND she's been photoshopped. via

June 06, 2009

Why Archie didn't to propose to Betty.

June 05, 2009

Eh? What? Wait on, sonny, let me get my ear trumpet. Can you hear me now? Did you know cupping your hand behind your ear increases the volume of sound to your ear by 12dB? more inside
Hasselblad Masters 2009 is open for voting. There are some incredible pictures in there. more inside
Apes Laugh, Tickle Study Finds.
Tickle me loris .Slow loris loves getting tickled. It's freakin' ADORABLE!! Yes, I know it's a SLYT post. But it's a slow loris. Getting tickled. And smiling.
What if the lyrics on your favorite music video actually described what you saw? It would make sense, right? You could understand what was happening.... Too often this isn't true... but, it's been fixed....

June 04, 2009

Sulphur mining in Indonesia. Hot volcanic gases saturated with elemental sulphur are piped down the side of the volcano before spilling molten sulphur to cool then chipped into pieces and hauled down the mountain. more inside
Chimp-Made Toolkit Most Complex Ever Found.

June 03, 2009

All the best hits of the '80s, played ragtime-style.
Navigating the high seas of Google Earth - or ram into tall buildings and challenge traffic on local highways, your choice. more inside
Robin Hood eat your heart out. Actually that's unfair to Mr R.H. - but this is a pretty cool accident.

June 02, 2009

Unique and beautiful tribute to Katrina: Houses made of human hair . Weird and disgusting personal fetish: collection of baggies containing human hair.
20 Bookcases. I love the rafter bookcase.
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