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February 20, 2009

Go ahead, fall for the squeeee one more time! . SLYT
Big magnets are not your friend. Via the the Dan's Data blog. Ouch! (Warning - somewhat graphic images of a mushed finger tip). Have the zooborn post on standby.
Cardboard food Sculptures by Patianne Stevenson.
Book Cover Archive Great collection of interesting and beautiful book cover designs. On a similar note, check out these terrific redesigns of the Harry Potter series in classic Penguin style (also Lemony Snicket and The Spiderwick Chronicles).
Inflatable Russian tanks Scroll down to the middle for the inflatable Russian missile launcher.
Giant rat caught in China.

February 19, 2009

Prawo Jazdy Ireland's worst driver? Or not. An embarrassing moment for the Guards.
..and I take again cafe...
The semantics of tribe. A founder of AIM (the American Indian Movement) believes that the divisions of tribe SHOULDN'T be dissolved. So when President Obama said the opposite, did he really place himself with the other presidents and the 'buffalo soldiers' who fought the tribes? Or was it just an unfortunate selection of words? more inside

February 18, 2009

Art by Thomas Doyle. The pieces’ radically reduced scales evoke feelings of omnipotence—as well as the visceral sensation of unbidden memory recall. Hovering above the glass, the viewer approaches these worlds as an all-seeing eye, looking down upon landscapes that dwarf and threaten the figures within. Conversely, the private intensity of moments rendered in such a small scale draws the viewer in, allowing for the intimacy one might feel peering into a museum display case or dollhouse. Though surrounded by chaos, hazard, and longing, the figures’ faces betray little emotion, inviting viewers to lose themselves in these crucibles—and in the jumble of feelings and memories they elicit.
The Agreeable Cat. [Via]
Young Quanzhi Ye's dream. In 1996, a 7-year-old boy in China bent over the eyepiece of a small telescope and saw something that would change his life--a comet of flamboyant beauty, bright and puffy with an active tail. At first he thought he himself had discovered it, but no, he learned, two men named "Hale" and "Bopp" had beat him to it. Mastering his disappointment, young Quanzhi Ye resolved to find his own comet one day. And one day, he did. more inside

February 17, 2009

Travis, a 14 year-old 200-pound pet chimpanzee, rips the face off of a 55 year-old woman.
The mystery of the mastodon pipes.

February 16, 2009

Red Devils fan sees red over marriage red card caused by Reds' scottish red herring. A married Manchester United supporter drove 400 miles for what he thought was going to be an affair with a woman he had chatted to on the internet - only to discover it was a hoax set up by two Liverpool fans he had met on holiday.

February 15, 2009

The Art of Jeff Jordan. [Via]

February 14, 2009

Searching for fun love in different places . Just hearts Muck about Cupid Make your own romance more inside
Brain & behaviour of dinosaurs. [Via]

February 13, 2009

The Uninvisible Art of Amazing Urban Camouflage.
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