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January 23, 2009

Yes We Will!

January 22, 2009

Human Spaceflight Should Drive Evolution. [Via]
World's oldest sample of weapon's grade plutonium has been identified - retrieved from a rusty safe at the bottom of a waste pit during clean up excavations.

January 21, 2009

A new Grow! Latest in the series of charming wee Flash games.
Kindling: New Works on Paper and Canvas by James Jean. [Via]

January 20, 2009

Glass models of tiny aquatic creatures made in the late 19th century, discovered gathering dust in a drawer in a Wisconsin museum. More here and here.
Hail to the chief! Who's watching the inauguration right now? If you don't already know, CNN has live streaming video. Here is the transcript of Obama's inauguration speech. more inside
Two men were found alive, floating in an Esky in the Torres Strait. They had been there for about 25 days, after their boat sank a couple of days before Christmas. Eskies - don't leave home without them.
Objects of Desire. The art of Alex Sandwell Kliszynski. [Possibly NSFW, via grinding.be]
Today is Edgar Allan Poe's 200th birthday. The day has already been marked in traditional manner by the appearance of three red roses and half a bottle of cognac on the great man's grave, courtesy of the mysterious Poe Toaster. To celebrate, you could check out this excellent slideshow of his works and letters done by the New York Times; or check out his complete works on this site, complete with handy list of unusual words. more inside

January 18, 2009

DRUM SOLO - well, not really, but it might as well be. SLYT, sorry.
The natural order of things. "Matt Ridley says that Darwinian selection explains the appearance of seemingly ‘designed’ complexity throughout the world — not just in biology but in the economy, technology and the arts." [Via]
Exclusive Exclusivity -- Non-American non-Royals need not apply. Apparently for people who think American Express' "Black Card" is not exclusive enough. more inside

January 17, 2009

The wonder of a Woolly Monkey.

January 16, 2009

Best and worst movies of 2008 ... more inside
Our world may be a giant hologram.

January 15, 2009

Curious Sideshow George I'm looking for information about old-fashioned circuses, carnivals and traveling shows. more inside
“There’s only three things I’ve ever been afraid of: electricity, heights, and women.” (video)
Patrick McGoohan's number has been retired. One of my favorite actors of all time has passed away at the age of 80.
Typewriter ribbon tins are now collectibles. via lovelypackage
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