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July 10, 2008

Curious Hairy George What can be creatively done with about half a metre of hair? more inside
The Fabulous Story of Poop A group of urban artists can find beauty in even the ugliest of subjects. more inside
The Continuum of Cute. [Via]
The Big Picture - Pictures you see in your newspaper, but better and more. [via]
Reverend Jessie Jackson Not Helping- Threatens to cut Obama's dick off. more inside

July 09, 2008

Gorbachov: The Music Video. Some vid that is simply mindblowing in terms of its sheer AWESOMNITY. I won't spoil any surprises, except to say that it's made of 100% weapons-grade Soviet AWESOME. [Liberated from our Imperialist adversaries in the Blue.]
Eagle and Dragon - Part One. Part Two - Detroit and Part Three - Chongqing. Comparing the US and China, part *very large number*. Part one is pretty skippable but the other two are worth looking at. (Phrasing deliberately chosen to emphasise the photography in each.)
Photo Gallery: Translucent Creatures. [Via]
Yvette's. Um. Actually I have no idea. I saw this linked in a comment on Mefi and was simultaneously creeped out and intrigued. Warning: embedded music on every page.
Dave the Chimp and The Chapel of St. Martin. [Via Wooster Collective]

July 08, 2008

Disrespectful or just obnoxious? Where's the line these days?
100 Tanka poems, illustrated by Katsushika Hokusai, explained by a wet nurse. more inside
New analysis of Mercury backs up Vonnegut. An awfully pretty image, from the MESSENGER spacecraft, shows the moon-like planet. Unlike the moon, however, new analysis suggests that the smooth plains were surfaced mainly by volcanic action, rather than by meteoric impacts and the dusting of detritus. Its magnetic field too seems to indicate immense internal activity. more inside

July 07, 2008

World's Longest Concert Strikes a New Chord "The church organ in Halberstadt will play the next - sixth - chord of John Cage's As Slow As Possible work. The performance began in 2000 and is scheduled to last a total of 639 years." more inside
Snuggly the Security Bear explains Constitutional Compromise. Snuggly loves you.
The Fly lands on the opera stage. David Cronenberg directs an opera adaptation of his own movie, and sets it in the time of the original. It's showing at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris if you happen to be in town. Reviews are good or simply so-so.
New Zealand war art showcases about 1,500 images of New Zealanders at war beginning with World War I. Lots and lots of images in a wide variety of media by a long list of artists. stolen almost word for word direct from marxchivist's post via the Blue. more inside
Scientists Map the 10 Billion Neurons of Human Cerebral Cortex & Find a Central Switchboard - The non-invasive technique of Diffusive Spectrum Imaging has enabled an international team of scientists to get inside the human head without breaking anything. The system has mapped the mass of ten billion neurons that make up the human cerebral cortex - and found a central switchboard hiding inside, a densely-packed region of connections which works hard even when the rest of the brain is chilling out.
Paperbark - moving in. Australia, not just a victim anymore. The paperbark, Melaleuca quinquenervia, is listed as a noxious pest in the USA and several US states. It's particularly problematic in Florida and Hawaii. Take that rest of the world!
Whenever someone implies that history is boring, I bring up Napoleon's penis. More from those perverts at NPR. Make your own "bring up" joke.
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