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April 21, 2008

Marijuana 101 - Wanna become a licensed California cannabis dispensary? Here's the class to take.
Plan 59 is a treasure trove of mid-twentieth-century images. more inside

April 19, 2008

London stank as bad as one of my posts yesterday: almost as bad as the famous Great Stink of 1858. more inside
Curious George Acquires a Kitty We acquired a kitten from a friend today. She is five months old, housetrained (thankfully), needs to change her diet for the sake of my sense of smell, and has the coolest orangey eyes. more inside

April 18, 2008

"Open Source Living is a community-driven dynamic archive of Open Source software spanning all major platforms."
self-cutting generator birds are dying. i'm gonna go write about this in my livejournal.
A leaflet on alternative medicine produced by the Prince's Foundation for Integrated Health has been condemned by Britain's first Professor of Complementary Medicine. more inside
101 Great Mostly Pretty Good Quotes About Computers and Programming. But Wait There's More! Yep, 101 More Quotes and an extra added bonus, the second list as originally published in Spanish, because it's fun to read Isaac Asimov and Emo Philips in another language, and it'll also piss off Lou Dobbs. more inside

April 17, 2008

Toilet signs.

April 16, 2008

Noddy, the World's Tallest Horse is Still Growing. more inside
Puddle blog.
LOL Theorists
28 Hours in Jyväskylä Filmed at locations in and around Jyväskylä, a city in Central Finland. The idea was to show city life in a way that no-one normally experiences it - in time-lapse, often shot from roofs and masts. [crossposted to the blue]

April 15, 2008

Are Bill and Ben The Oldest Twin Horses in the World? - The 24-year-old equine brothers are hoping to trot into the record books with their claim to the title.
'I did heroin once, just to be sociable' Extract from Mark E Smith's autobiography. Enjoy his wedding gift to Marc Riley and views on this and that. Earlier extract here.

April 14, 2008

Free Range Kids: Why I let my 9-year old ride the subway alone more inside
Warning Labels for Bloggers
John Archibald Wheeler, RIP more inside

April 13, 2008

mean cat song, not for the easily terrified! SLYT (I hate that acronym, but it's easier than typing Single Link You Tube, but I think I just defeated the purpose of that)..exactly as described. more inside
On the Nature of Time: Implications for Advanced Intelligence and SETI - 'What if what we consider to be "real time" - how fast we move, talk, think - happens to be a glacial pace compared to other lifeforms?' more inside
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