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November 19, 2008

British Nazi National Party membership posted online. more inside
Web Maintenance Expels Failure out of your Business Do you own a website that is extremely attractive visually and draws good website traffic? Then surely you would like to continue this trend for the coming years too! But how? Simple and most obvious answer is ‘website maintenance’. Most common problems faced during site maintenance are broken links, misspelled words, absent page titles, unattended customer queries, missing images, etc.
Sri Randal Randal
Silver bullets - not as easy to make as you might think. ...Tonto didn't cast these over a campfire.
Victory in Vomit: Mirror's Edge as proprioception hack.
When salamanders invaded the Dinaric Karst: convergence, history, and reinvention of the troglobitic olm.
Bunge Bunny Jumping . Look at those little hoppers go!! Stolen from Metafilter--check out the rest of this great post
Eggs Bacon Chips and Beans A typical cheap British brekkie, reviewed.

November 18, 2008

No it's not what you think. It's a Christmas decoration. Really. more inside
Video Games Pirated by, um... pirates.
The New Star Trek Trailer in HD You will need Quicktime or alternative.
Planning a naval bombardment of Australia? Now's your chance. Navy takes two months off for Christmas!
Winners and others of the 2008 Bioscape Contest. Using light microscopy to extraordinary effect.
At a time when most kids are still thinking about becoming a fireman or astronaut, David Fishman has decided he wants to be a Food Critic. And he's already well on his way.
Spam Haiku . You say you can't write poetry, but have you taken the Spam test yet? more inside

November 17, 2008

Preserved Onion: In a hidden corner of The Onion's site is an "archival" issue from 1783: eight pages of pseudo-historic goodness, fully searchable by page and topic! Of interest: Alexander Hamilton Challenges Nation to a Duel; Thomas Paine on women; Satan Afflicts Townsfolk With Series Of Ploughing Mishaps; Opera Lyrics Blamed In Spate of Regicides. more inside
QWOP Olympics it's a running game/physics simulator. It is possible to run like a normal human. more inside
Five years later and the site is full of weirdos lovely people.
Why buy the cow? 27 popular websites that became books. more inside

November 16, 2008

Without further ado...the gullet mullet.
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