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January 05, 2006

Saddam's Family The hottest heavy metal band in Iraq.
Curious George: mofi, I've broken my computer again. This time I've screwed up my widgets I was trying to get the WorldClock widget up and running, as I have a friend studying abroad this semester, but it wouldn't load. When I click on the icon I get a beep sound and the widget doesn't load. Dragging the icon onto my dashboard has a similar effect. more inside
Bush's Shadow War A Salon article by Sidney Blumenthal which suggests that Bush & Co. have been up to more than just secretly spying on civilians and "renditions". Maybe the people on the inside are getting nervous too . . . more inside
Nervous George: Everybody gets nervous at times, but when calling up potential employers/dates/etc..., I tend to get worked up to the point of physically shivering. more inside
First there was "Toss your camera". Now you can bounce your camera.
Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch. Tasty environmentalism! Which is, as we all know, the best kind.
Irving Layton dead at 93. The poet and glutton of life, greatest of all the Montreal School of Poetry, winner of the GG for A Red Carpet for the Sun, Nobel nominee, greatest graduate of Baron Byng High, sole man on Earth born with the Messianic sign, has died. Thanks for the poetry, Mr. Layton.
Fourteen-year-old Beats Leopard Yes, it's a newsfilter ... more inside
GervaisFilter He's written and will be starring in a new episode of The Simpsons in a plotline based on those charming wifeswapping shows...
Excuse me, weren't you in the Fall? Mark E Smith's band is legendary for its ever-changing line-up. Dave Simpson made it his quest to track down everyone who has ever been a member
War of the Worlds II - Edison's Conquest of Mars

January 04, 2006

Mooning ruled 'distasteful, not illegal'. Why you would ever taste someone mooning, I have no idea, but it's good news nevertheless, right? [via FreeInternetPress] more inside
The time has come to abandon Christianity. the intent of this site is not to spread hatred for those who believe in Jesus as God - the intent of this site is to advance the wellness of individuals and society as a whole... Welcome to undoJesus.org
Bush campaign to donate Abramoff contributions Speaker Hastert, Rep. DeLay to also donate money from lobbyist Yes Slushfans it's time to disavow any knowledge of Abramoffgate! Read the charges! Eat to the beat of big money talking! And don't forget! "It was an in-kind contribution, and it was an oversight that it wasn't reported, but we are taking steps to correct that" Whew!
Newsfilter: 12 of 13 W.Va. Coal Miners Confirmed Dead , 3 hours after being told all had survived but one. Families, early last night rejoicing at the reported news that their loved ones were alive, are now mourning and outraged by the apparent "miscommunication" being blamed for their not being told sooner. Randal McCloy, the sole survivor, is in critical condition.
A second evolutionary process at work alongside natural selection? Danny Vendramini theorises about trauma, the genetic transmission of emotions and the origin of instincts. Do his ideas explain the purpose of the "junk DNA" that makes up 99% of our genome? The theory has lots of holes. Is Vendramini a crackpot? Not necessarily, although he's certainly an amateur. But he's definitely not a creationist.
Penis Enlargement Guru "Doublelongdaddy aka DLD" Sweet rap name, dude. The Magic Stick Amazing Vaginal Tightener sexy E-hint! Yeah...that's sexy. That'll get you some. more inside
Middle ages? You're soaking in them!
Meet Tirhas Habtegiris. Remember Terri Schiavo? I bet you do. (Tried linking to the actual newspaper article, but reg. req.) more inside
Capt. Renault busted! Via MeFi
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