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December 13, 2006

52 (Almost) Free Website Advertising Ideas. A must read for all bloggers...
Santastic II is totally Clausome! more inside
Soldiers Say Army Ignores, Punishes Mental Anguish. more inside
The 2006 Golden Bull Awards have been announced. The awards are given to public figures who make baffling statements. This year's Foot in Mouth winner was Naomi Campbell, who said, "I love England, especially the food. There's nothing I like more than a lovely bowl of pasta." The Golden Bulls are given by the Plain English Campaign.

December 12, 2006

Calice d'hostie! F-bomb OK on Quebec TV, but just you try "saint-ciboire"...
All scores of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's works available online free. The site opened Monday, according to the CBC story, and has been deluged ever since ("NOTE: We are overvelmed by the resonance of this website"). New improved mega-servers expected soon.
A Tale of Two Cockatoos more inside
With Subtle Reminders, Stereotypes Can Become Self-Fulfilling - "A number of experiments show that subtle cues can alter academic preferences -- and test performance -- without anyone being aware of it." more inside
Perfect Xmas gift for the young and young at heart. slow for dial-up
Monkeys Get Ebola (video) When zoologists in the Lossi region of central Africa noticed that some of the gorillas they were studying were becoming sick and dying, they could not have known what was to come. Now gorillas face the possibility of going extinct. more inside
Top 20 Overrated Movies? This list seems designed to infuriate, containing some real classics (not to mention my favorite movie of all time: Moonstruck). Discuss amonst yourselves.
Attack of the Robot Lobsters also related - How to survive a robot uprising
Curious, George: Organic Graffiti I heard somewhere about this thing called organic graffiti... more inside

December 11, 2006

Will you still need me when I'm 116? Today, the oldest living person died in a nursing home in Tennessee. At 116, Elizabeth Bolden was the last person remaining in America documented to have been born in 1890. more inside
Devices (NSFW) for, er, remote copulatory needs. (Insert obligatory joke about getting the shaft from Windows.) more inside
The Fletcher Capstan Table One of the more beautiful pieces of furniture I've seen in awhile. A circular table that expands to double capacity in a mesmerising radial fashion. the Montana is my favorite. Santa. Hint.
33 names of things you never knew had names. I would assume word-loving Monkeys can probably add to this list and give us some more strange words.
(Youtube) Montage of creatures created by the genius that was Ray Harryhausen.
Winterbells - a seasonal flash game from orisinal
Victor Jara The death of Augusto Pinochet set me thinking of one of his many victims, singer Victor Jara. Here's some mp3 rarities and pictures of a man whose torture and murder encapsulate the brutality of Pinochet's regime.
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