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January 05, 2005

Skate or Die: Finger Style.
Six Apart, parent company of Movable Type and TypePad, are buying LiveJournal. Five point five million LJers will be forced to spellcheck before publishing (if only). more inside
Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers I'm Irish and love my cats but this just does not seem good...
Vote for the MoFi Shirt, MoFo's!!! Now that we all have the holidays out of our hair, I would like to remind you all of the t shirt competition again. We got all the designs in, so click on the link above and make your vote for your favorite t shirt. Once we figger out what design we all like, we'll order a bunch and perhaps the sales will help Tracicle keep this mad house running.
Edge's 2005 Question: What do you believe is true even though you cannot prove it? (seen on that ...other site).

January 04, 2005

TatAD has been online for just over 40 days and has more than 500 members willing to be tattooed from all over the U.S., Canada and Europe. TatAD allows persons to register to potentially become walking billboards.
Curious Money: So I soon should be receiving more than $30,000 out of the blue. (I am serious.) I've never had anything more than a few thousand in savings or checking. (I'm not counting retirement accounts.) Plopping all this dough into my regular savings account probably is not the wisest thing to do. I probably could get more out of it in some other type of account or instrument. So what should I do?
Comics great Will Eisner passed away yesterday. Author, artist and teacher, inspirer of a generation of graphic novelists and readers. He will be sadly missed.
The New Yorker review of the Phantom of the Opera movie is a fine example of the a bad review as an art. Som have taken a critical look at the bad review, while others have simply found a place for bad art.
Sergei Eisenstein's seminal film, "Battleship Potemkin" has been restored. The BBC reports that the restored version of the 1925 film "Battleship Potemkin" is going to be screened for the first time at the Berlin Film Festival in February. The film now includes some long-missing title cards and text by Leon Trotsky which was excised by the Soviets, as well as some additional shots in the legendary "Odessa Steps" sequence. more inside
"Rich racing enthusiasts are likely to invest heavily in upgrading the robots to secure an advantage over their competitors."
100 Years of Illustration Paul Giambarba treks through 100 years of Illustration and holds some of our favorite work to the light. In a blog no less! more inside
Curious, George: another stupid work question. I need advice about whether I'm being asked WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much at my job. more inside

January 03, 2005

No productivity here. Fun bouncing balls and elastic connectors.
Curious George: Free service to host MP3's for download I have a low traffic blog and would like to occasionally offer MP3's for download. more inside
Curious George: "Your Move, Mr. Cage" I was watching some old clips of The Daily Show and at least once Jon Stewart ended something by saying "Your move, Mr. Cage" in a most Dr. No-like manner... more inside
The results of dialing 867-5309 from every US area code. Something of a followup to this thread. [Via MeFi]
The Moscow Metro is without a doubt the grandest, most beautiful and ornate subway system in the world. It boasts the largest ridership, 265km of track and is built almost entirely underground. It celebrates its 70th anniversary in 2005.
Alien Taxidermy
Requires some exploration, but pays off nicely.
Zhou Xuan: Shanghai's "Golden Throat" A beautiful singer-actress with a unique singing style and a mysterious past, star of 43 movies including her most famous and beloved, "The Angel in the Street," Zhou Xuan died tragically at the age of 37. more inside
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