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August 19, 2005

Randy "Biscuit" Turner was found dead in his house yesterday. Artist, punk, skater, beloved local freak. What more to say? His skate punk band The Big Boys was hugely influential. more inside
Transom A showcase and workshop for new public radio
How to Save Kids from Math Anxiety Given that kids can learn to speak a language and that language is more complex than math, why is it that our educational system leaves so many math-illiterate or math-anxious? more inside
Curve Ball. Friday Flash fun. Pong meets that Tron discus game with kickball sound effects.
Kit Fisto, 6'1'', 175lb HAS MEAT DREADLOCKS Print it out, stick it everywhere, make sure they all know. more inside
A surprisingly heart-warming story about Huey Lewis. I never thought I'd write that sentence!
Curious, George: Three Wishes If you had three wishes, what would they be? Wish wisely, and no wishing for more wishes!
New York City Walk. From May 2002 - December 2004, Caleb Smith walked every single road in the whole of Manhattan - some 700 miles. He's documented the entire thing on his website, with some great pictures and fascinating trivia. His unaffected love for the city really brings it to life. Plus! Some interactive floaty pens!
How to project an image of the outside world onto a wall in your room "If you put a magnifying glass a few inches from a wall that is opposite a window, you will see the outside view projected upside down on the wall. But if you put a lens on the window and cover the rest of the window with opaque material, the lens will project the outside view over the entire opposite wall, of course you must have the proper size lens for the room." more inside
No mate, worries. Several Aussie pollies aggro about the ban of the word "mate" at Parliament House. Some piker complained that it wasn't posh enough, suddenly every man and his dog is in the blue sayin' banning "mate" is as un-Aussie as not getting sand in your cossie. Ban overturned by the next arvo, everyone's mates again, Bob's ya Uncle. D'ya reckon though it was worth spitting the dummy about? more inside
The Microscope Imaging Station
Sir Mix-A-Lot still loves... backpacks? (Warning Flash!) Click the girl with the backpack and you will hear Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back" retooled as a Target jingle for backpacks. Odd for a song whose video MTV would only play late at night because of its suggestive content. Is this the worst ad song ever?
If MonkeyFilter is a Metafilter clone, does that make msn filter a MonkeyFilter clone?