In "Ronald Searle, "

My first copy of "A Christmas Carol" was illustrated by Searle. And that's how I always remember the characters. And I have to say, Patrick Stewart looks *nothing* like Scrooge ;)

In "This WAS Dick Tufeld Speaking..."

I have a bunch of sci-fi sound bites on my computer that I use for error messages. My favorite is Robot going "What you have done, is wrong!"

In "Cool Leaderboard games "

I had jook that I made in the slow cooker. It's a Chinese rice 'n' ground meat soup, kinda. Ginger, soy sauce, scallions.

In "Is this the world's most bike-friendly city?"

Sweeeeeeet. Although in my dreams fantasies I'm driving the BTR-80 over the soon to be mangled corpses of the bike-lane-blocking Mercedes drivers.

In "Where zebras are considered threatening..."

"Neighbors are usually there to help their neighbors, not shoot their zebras." I'm stealing that ... ! :D

In "This makes my nose hurt."

Huh. I always wonder if something like this could explain my headaches.

In "Nekked show jumping FTW!!"

I guess you should call this undressage.

In "Turkmenbashi's revolving golden statue removed from plinth in Ashgabat"

Exactly my thought, Monkeybashi. *bows*

Oh and: There once was a thread on MoFi That contained poetry bout the 'bashi zorgon forgot to link to this spot and thus his post is that trashy.

In "Curious George:"

*led zeppelurk*

In "London Meetup Again!"

*pouts anyway* Yeah. When Neddy's in California, I'll be in Australia. Exactly those days. Hilarious!

In "The Fox"

The FBI and other federal organizations spent millions of dollars investigating and prosecuting members of groups like Earth First, and Greenpeace who never harmed people, only property; while Timothy McVeigh and Osama bin Laden walked around free. "Never forget" that.

In "YES!!"

I fantasized about this a lot. Er, with less Cthulhu. That was pretty awesome.

In "Farouk al-Kasim "

Norwegians (heck, all Scandinavians) are pretty awesome. :D I keep thinking that North America would have been a much better place had the Eriksson gang stuck it out, made peace with the Skraelings, and been the leaders of European settlement in the New World instead of the Spaniards and their competition. I mean, look at Minnesota! Er. Don't look at Michele Bachmann. No, no, don't look. Turn away!

In "IKEA chánges fönt."

I'm afraid to show anyone from the Internet my wife's website because she insisted on Papyrus for the front page. Yep.

In "First Comes Global Warming, Then An Evolutionary Explosion."

In this world where absolutely everything is politicized, it surprises me not that this sort of spin is being pushed by Yale, the Establishment's training center. The subtext is, "Everything is going to be fine, we can do whatever we want!" Reprehensible.

In "Bamboo Bikes"

Bamboo's pretty tough. A typical road crash might not damage it at all. I suspect some serious mountain-bike pounding might be able to generate some hazardous splinters though.

In "Last rolls please."

Mama don't ... I really feel that this is wrong. I'm quite upset.

In "Mythical end of rainbow captured by cellphone camera "

I hate the Orange County Register with the power of 18000x10^23 x-ray photons, so I really enjoyed this.

In "Happiness is contagious:"

*forced, rather alarming rictus*

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