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This reminds me a bit of Hyperdither, a freeware OS X util that simulates the old one-bit graphics from the original Mac OS. Kind of fun.

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107? I've lost count. Can we start over?

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I checked my profile and it says I've posted 27 comments. I was expecting it to say maybe 4 at most. Still, if I can't remember them, that makes me a lurker. Like pie? No, I'm more like a rum-soaked fruitcake. MoFi coffee mugs! Excellent!


California and Ohio have similar election reform measures on the ballot. In CA it's the Democrats that oppose them. In Ohio it's the Republicans. Gov. Ahnold raised a stink by endorsing the initiaives in *both* states. The Ohio Republicans were outraged. BTW, the Diebold machines at my polling place have the paper trail option installed. It was the printers that caused the problems this morning.

I showed up to vote bright and early this morning. Out of fourteen brand-spanking-new Diebold touchscreen machines, two were semi operational and a third was being slapped around by the poll workers. I gave up and left after twenty minutes. I hope they've got the bugs worked out before the polls close tonight. Need I add that I live in Ohio, in a heavily Democratic area? Fucking Diebold....

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I remember seeing one of those "house of the future" shows (I think it was on HGTV) that featured a sort of modern "root cellar" idea. They had a trap door in the floor that opened to reveal a small refrigerator for storing vegetables. It was basically a well-insulated tub with a small compressor for cooling. Supposedly very efficient. bernockle, flipping a conventional fridge on its back wouldn't be very efficient. The heat-exchange coils would wind up underneath the food compartment. heat rises.... (Come to think of it, the earliest refrigerators were converted ice boxes and had their compressors and exchange coils on top where they belong).

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You just put your lips together - and blow.

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Instead of coarse salt (as Argh suggested) you could try washing soda. Just be sure to rinse really thoroughly. The idea of using ice is basically to provide something that will scrub the inside of the flask when you swirl it around. You could use small pebbles or marbles - anything that will fit through the opening in the decanter.

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SideDish, men don't lose their hair. It just migrates...

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I tried combining the "site" and "link" modifiers on google but it didn't work. Seems that google allows one or the other, but not the combined filter. It does work on yahoo search: search for imbedded url Use "link:[url you're searching for]" and ""

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I've been on the foie gras-butter-truffles diet for years. Hasn't worked yet. Maybe I need prettier undies.

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jb, I doubt that Swiftian irony is lost on anyone here. More than once I've heard expressed the sentiment that we should have let the South secede when they wanted to. We're stuck with each other. Let's learn to live with it.

Wolof, that link was wonderful. Alex, I'm a "fag" with a high level security clearance. I have an RSA ticker on my keychain that grants me access to some highly sensitive networks (say no more). My employer knows that I'm a lefty-liberal faggot. I am entrusted with a high level of security clearance because I am trustworthy. When the republicans trot out the old gay-baiting schtick, perhaps we should hold them to their word. I'm talking about the old "some of my best friends" thing. HW and Bar claim that they value the friendship of their gay and lesbian acquaintances. The Cheneys say that they love their Lesbian daughter. So why are they so eager to pander to the gay-hating "Christian" right?

Alex, my umbrage isn't directed against "the terrorists", not that I favor them in the least. The thing that pisses me off is the way the right-wingers have wrapped themselves in the flag, even posing for photo-ops at Ground Zero, while ignoring the real dangers at our ports. Container cargo enters the port of Long Beach largely unscreened. The Bush administration spends more in one day in their Iraq war than it would cost to fund a radiation detector for one of our ports of entry. Where are our priorities?

Perhaps the "blue states" should cease subsidizing the "red states"... New York, Massachusetts, California, etc all pay in far more than they receive. It simply blows one's mind (OK, it lows my mind) that rural Republican states like Utah receive far greater funding per capita than New Jersey, New york, or California. Especially when it come to "homeland security". Is Wyoming really at greater risk than New Jersey???? If we as a nation really care about protecting our borders against terrorist attacks, why are we sending government pork to inland states while we ignore the threats to our East and West coast frontiers? Could it be that our coastal states are too "blue"?

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Mackerel, I'd have to agree that Bowie's recorded output of late has been pretty lame. I went to see him on a recent tour (Feb or this year), expecting to be mildly entertained. What I didn't expect was to witness one of the all-time most inspiring performances I've ever seen. No shit, the guy was flat-out awe-inspiring . Color me amazed.

jalexei, Exile in Guyville may be a hard act to follow, but I disagree with people who say LP has sucked since then. WhiteChocolateSpaceEgg is one of my fave albums, and even the latest one has some good material on it, ignoring the commercial radio-bate. I'm surprised that no one has listed Tom Cruise.

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He's a she. Unless his name is Deborah.

She may have been asked by the "highest authorities" (Rovian? sub-Rovian?) to stand down, but the march announcement remains on the front page formatted in large, bold screaming red. I wonder how many of her pajama-clad fellow travelers will actually show up at the Naval Archives this afternoon.

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mecurious, try this list.

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