In "Huge floods in NSW displace wolf spiders."

Yeah, they have to be "Wolf" spiders. Not even Jack London anthropomorphic thoughtful-like. They couldn't be bunny spiders or cappybara spiders or manatee spiders or bunny spiders or whatever kind of spider Charlotte was or tribble spiders named 'Boris' or something. /Not particularly scared of spiders, mostly, though I prefer that most creatures with an exoskeleton are large and seabound and yummy with butter. I will confess to being scared of blind gooey things like maggots and lamprey eels and pupa and newborn humans.

In "Tin Lunch Boxes. "

"I frequently played kick the box on the way home from school." Wow, I thought only my fellow students at Latona Elementary in 1970's Seattle played that. The goal of "Kick the Box" for us was to make the lunchbox slide (not tumble) on one side for the greatest possible length. Both my Lancelot Link and my Six Million Dollar Man thermos became fancy tin cans as a result of that game.

In "Ask MoFi: Are there any mammals other than cats that have vertical pupils?"

Only because she (my cat) is utterly polite and only when she really sleepy she can be inverted. So, in answer to your question, yes. Also getting prosimian with it is not "dancing". I know this because I hate dancing but I would love to hop around with those guys. Also does Natasha Kinski count as a mammal? Yeah, I should have quit hours ago.

In "Curious George and his car tunes."

OOPS, WMV above, but you mousedover that I'm hoping.

Easy: Green Onions Hot Rod Lincoln For night driving. OTOH if you want to scatter pedestrians Motorhead. and Helmet

In "Goregirl's Guide to Women in Music"

It has Wendy O and Martha and the Muffins so OK Yo

In "Happy Mornings"

Mort importantly: Will I sleep better when they are dead? Sorry, I'm soaking in it.

In " Jesus Christ Superman:"

Um, to include Richard Pyror it would have to be Prior woonnit? Uh Oh, George Reeves and Christopher Reeve, were I this man I would watch out for horses and Hollywood Hills sex parties. Could this be a clue? mmmmm?

In "To cell or not to cell !"

The wife suggests that a redefinition of miniscule areas of furniture and an judicious application of languages with rolling "R"s may obviate both surgical tongs and accused devii. You may find a friend.

In "Flying Snakes"

I nominate the word "bloviate" for sounding like what it means.

wasneme, I saw that too and scoffed (alimentary v urinary). Yet the price to pay for ignorance of spiny embed pisseeking catfish warrants paranoia, if not a movie starring John Malkovick as the spiny Urethradwelling snide IRS agent, collecting at will. Sweet Dreams

Whatever the truth may be, there's little doubt that the candir formally known as Vandellia cirrhosa, is capable of attacking humans in the manner described. Pucker Up.

Whatever you do to escape the snakes, do not swim to evade: The candiru tastes the urine stream and follows it back to the human. It then swims up the anus and lodges itself somewhere in the urinary tract with its spines. Blood is drawn..."

In "Vote For the Greatest American"

Phew, Big Thanks Abiezer_Coppe, the wiki (amongst others) says: "Norman Ernest Borlaug (born 25 March 1914) is an American agricultural scientist, humanitarian, and the father of the Green Revolution. He introduced new wheat varieties and agricultural production techniques to Mexico, Pakistan, and India in the mid-20th century. The resulting multiplications in food production have saved over a billion people from starvation (emphasis mine) and greatly improved the food security of those nations. I nominate him. Thanks Again Abiezer_Coppe

OK, this is driving me crazy and I'm in a sharing mood. There was an uncelebrated american plant biologist (agriculturist) who died within the last few years and his work with crop yields has been credited with saving at least millions of lives worldwide. Googlefu, dendrites, and cousin Loch fail me: HELP!

In "More good news: site shut down by government. "

I didn't read the details of the legislation, so.. isn't this just going to result in sites relocating in name to rogue porn-harboring unihibited states? posted by flongj at 09:42PM UTC on June 23, 2005 almost Exactly The Genie is out of the bottle, (NSFW and not that good either).

In "The American Film Institute's list of the 100 greatest movie quotes of all time."

"People on ludes should not drive"

In "Curious George: Message board elitism."

"I'm an admin on a very large discussion board catering to an outdoor hobby." I might be just stirring the pot but suppose the outdoor hobby were mountain climbing and the n00bcomer to the discussion board were Reinhold Messner.

In ""Two All-Beef Patties Special Sauce Lettuce Cheese Pickles Onion on a Sesame Seed LIE!""

Back in the 70's when I was a kid McDonalds had this ad campaign/offer where you would call an 800 number and if you could list all of the ingredients in a Big Mac in <5 seconds you recieved a coupon for same. twoallbeefpattiesspecialsaucelettucecheesepicklesonionsonasesameseedbun will survive any alzheimers, CJD, or dementia I may get.

In ""

Here in Iowa the ability to make meth is a high school graduation requirement.

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