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oh dear

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I'll remember to bring my psychedelic self-replicating baseball bat.

I haven't had any in years, but lately I've been researching ayahuasca and other ethneogens and have become interested in tripping again, but this time for serious self discovery/analysis reasons, rather than the just for a laugh trips I used to have. My problem now is more pressing: I've just dicovered that I'm going to be urine tested for a new job.

Thanks for that Homunculus. I often wondered what became of Owsley, nice to see that he's still fighting the good fight.

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I am a camera

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Interesting enough paper on the implications of emotional simulations from M.I.T. prof Sherry Turkle.

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There is a five year probationary period after which the applicant must prove competence to teach Irish to five to twelve year olds. I suppose any teacher working in a different country must be able to teach in the language of her adopted country. And five years seems like a decent enough length of time to get to grips with a new language. Oh well, another plank in the scafffold of my argument splintered. However now that I'm the same size as the bastards I'd still like to get my meaty Anglo-Hiberno hands on the be-corduroyed leather elbowed hurley gripping dolmen toothed nut jobs who made my school days an utter fucking misery.

I'm glad we agree. I'm not sure things have changed much. I did my leaving in 1984 and I was recently shocked to discover how little the curriculum has changed, in all subjects. I think a strong case can be made that compulsory Irish is discriminatory-it effectively barrs non-nationals from primary school teaching.

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happy birthday dave

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Apologies for my drunken saturday night comments, a bad reaction to the black stuff and men in black dresses. I do think though that the Gaelegeors are the languages worst enemy. My sister, who sent her children to a Gaelscoil, recently tried to refamiliarize herself with the language twenty years after doing the leaving. (I can't remember what her mark was but she was an honours student.) However she like me has an ineradicable Cheshire accent and the sneers and putdowns of the teacher led to her withdrawal. A language must be a living thing, which meants it must mutate mate with other tongues, cultures and voices. We have had what is it seventy ? years of compulsory Irish in schools and the language still shrinks. Now whose fault is that?

but but but.....

I am speaking only from personal experience it's late and I have a twelve hour shift in the morning but bring me up in front of your personal Diplock if you want but I will stand by and amplify my comment. Slan leat. (can't work out the fadas on this thing)

Most Gaelic enthusiasts that I have met have been inindistinguishable from fascists. I will comment in more detail later but this post hits a still raw nerve.

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Thinning the herd?

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I went out for a pint and came home to Frogstar B.

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A great essay here about the essentially artificial nature of American High School culture. "Im suspicious of this theory that thirteen-year-old kids are intrinsically messed up. If it's physiological, it should be universal. Are Mongol nomads all nihilists at thirteen? I've read a lot of history, and I have not seen a single reference to this supposedly universal fact before the twentieth century."

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"BUT he hadn't...." gnrr

Not only did he draw the character thousands of times, he retraced the background each time too; he'd figured out a lot be hadn't figured out cells. Astounding!

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a chimpanzee inspects each verse, expecting merit: expectations not traversed.

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Does the abandonment of limbo mean that baptism is now an irrelevance? After all its the passport into heaven-so if you can get in now without being baptised then why bother...I think the string vest of Catholicism is beginning to unravel.

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