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Very interesting! The wedding situation here in South Korea mirrors pretty closely what's described, minus the fake priests. With Christianity being the dominant religion (>30% of population of 50 million), there's no shortage of Korean priests. I'm not sure about the hanbok (traditional Korean costume) situation, though I would not be surprised if it was also under similar threat. It's fairly common, though, for each adult Korean to own at least one hanbok as there are actually several occasions throughout the year to wear one. Personal anecdote: when my father came to visit this past year, he had one made. It was dreadfully expensive, and one option that made a huge difference was casting a medallion-type of accessory in plastic rather than amber as is the tradition. I think the difference was in the neighborhood of 400USD. But, back to weddings, the combination of Western and traditional ceremonies in one wedding is exactly the same as described in the main article, though the Western part is definitely the "meat" of it and the Korean part is really just for the family, conducted mostly out of public view in a side room. And, yes, there are many costume changes!

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although artistic I didn't see how it related to AIDS or to cell phones My take: without the threat of AIDS, sexual intimacy can morph from aggression/violence to something beautiful (as it once was). Cell phones? Well, one could argue that the phone rotating on its vertical axis at the end mirrors the final rotation of the two lovers. Agree that it was a bit dark, but that may also be a statement (i.e., pointing out our hypocrisy/indifference because it's a "Dark Continent" issue), and also may look different when viewed under optimal conditions. Flagpole, TheRoach: Thanks for pointing out Chris Cunningham; I was not aware of his work. Agree that there are definite visual similarities. TheRoach: While I agree that it's a powerful video, somehow it's kind of a one-trick pony to me (the one visual trick of the car being smashed), and I didn't want to clutter the front page with too many links of his other works.

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Unless the real killer is hiding out in some cave along the border and laying low, it should be pretty easy to determine if indeed it was a case of mistaken identity if and when the killings begin anew, no? You know, as a cry for help, since we all know that all serial killers eventually want to be caught. Animal rights activists fear there will now be serious repercussions, with the herd of elephants to which "Osama" belonged likely taking revenge and destroying more villages and people in the area. Five bucks sez they'll name the next one "Zarqawi."

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Just have him arrested, tracicle.

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She's five years old. I'm sure most parents would love to put handcuffs on their 5-year-old when s/he's acting out, because kids are impossible to deal with at that age, but most parents wouldn't do such a thing because they understand that 5-year-olds are the way they are. I understand the need to see the full picture, because too often we see things taken out of context and people made to look stupid/evil/incompetent, but I just can't imagine what would prompt 3 policemen in uniform to crowd around 1 five-year-old girl and proceed to "wrangle" her while she's wailing. And using armed law enforcement as an aid to raising your child just makes everyone involved look incompetent at best.

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Will be eating Schwartz's probably next Sunday, rah! I can only quote Koko. Only one question remains: Katz's or Schwartz's? Jury's still out on this one. Sadly, I never visited Ben's, though I never missed the chance to drop by Schwartz's. Mmmm. This post is making me miss North America something fierce.

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Do we have any other monkeys in Tokyo or nearby? Does Seoul count? Only for a couple more weeks, though, wrapping up a 4.5-year sojourn.

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Whoops! My mistake. Posted in too much of hurry to think straight. That's strike 2! in as many years... ellipsis makes 3??

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The option to unclick the map and view just the splotches on the white screen is a stroke of (sobering) genius. I'm going to see those dots in my sleep.

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Giving us a preview before actually setting it off may increase the suspense, but I found myself getting a bit impatient watching the beer-pouring one. Also, a major part of the joy for me is not knowing what's coming up next and simply going for the ride. and that was some atrocious camerawork

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grrr... gotta get my iPod fixed already...

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Neither. She's the one with the pacifier. I guess shooting Mr. Burns wasn't notoriety enough.

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Incomprehensible management-babble: Great Moments in Doublespeak [link at bottom]

I'm all for clear, succinct communication but usually where there's obfuscation there's fire, and railing against that is like killing the messenger. (Did that make any sense?) In other words, intellectuals (especially of the French-influenced variety) feel a need to distance their discourse from the common rabble's, as spoofed famously by Alan Sokal, just as much as politicians need to spin to push their agenda or save their own hides. Language is merely a tool in this instance, and focusing on just the language is like picking apart the lyrics of a white supremacist song without appreciating the bigger threat that it poses. But in many cases, the language is all we have, so... I guess I'm back to square one here. How about: what Abiezer_Coppe said! Short and sweet.

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Same here. And in my early thirties, I have to say that not a whole lot has changed... I think the point was made more for the mathematics of it than for its viability, though I imagine that go-getters on corporate payrolls could easily come up with 10,000 by their mid-twenties.

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'Irony and Ironmongeringability' was a classic, dude. You really missed the boat on that one.

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Things I Learned from Reading "Why Women Aren't Funny"

In "A transcript from Frontline on the De Beers diamond cartel."

What's up with all these "Hollywood conscience" movies of late? Desperate need for "bad guys" (read: plot) in our "enlightened" age.

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...where they will actually leap out of the water to spear the deadly koalas from their perches high in the Eucalyptus trees. This I must see.

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My initial response was similar to Chy's, actually, because we so know how this thread is going to play out. But since glama's opened the floodgates: Agree with Premiere: American Beauty, Mystic River (related-but-tangentially, Sean Penn is also grossly overrated imo), and a few others. Agree with glama: Fantasia, Chariots, Good Will, Beautiful Mind, few others. But where this list bungs itself up is Nashville (shame, glama, shame! now go add your dot to this thread). This is maybe what Chy was getting at, but all lists reveal their true colors/ignorances at some point with the inclusion of that one item that clearly shows (in other people's minds) that they don't know what they're talking about. Well, this is it. And 2001. On preview: kamus makes some of the same points.

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