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good riddance you filthy shitbag. shitbag is my new favorite word...

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There's a reason it's empty. You do not want to know that reason. ha! had a similar experience in kyoto at the baths with the centuries-old carvings of japanese soldiers killing chinese peasants..."hmm, nobodys in this bath, why not give it a try...oh, electricity! and lots of it! how delightful! and ice cold, too! now to step out as soon i stop twitching..." *shudder* well anyway, it's been a while since we've been to the flea market (remember when chris turned bright red in the sunlight and complained all day?! whee!) ...thought it might be a nice opportunity for a foreign invader to secure some of our priceless national treasures at a fraction of their actual value. plus, they have sno-cones!

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so god is made of tubes? like spaghetti? hmmm... seriously though...check out this carol channing puppet singing about the beatitudes... btw... created by this guy. wow, right?

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wait...what happened at 56 secs into that video? that a cloaking device that guy has? this has suddenly become a much bigger story than some old lady's missing cat...unless he got it FROM that kitty...

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Huo Te Hsing Chun or Huo Shen Yeh would look great in my bathroom! me wantee! i love hot water like a goron. bring it on huo shen. Send fire by pigeons, or pour it out of gourd!

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um...DUH. Its called a "mirror"

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Too much money+Not enough education=Bad news... the fact that dorothy parkers big blonde could become a huge star in our culture makes me really sad...sad about her, sad about our culture...this whole thing is a train wreck i never wanted to see, but should have known was inevitable...

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Snickers is one of the most phallic candy bars on the market. why, it looks like a shit-covered dick! that's gay. sorry. had to.

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omg cute overdose ow my glands!

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though what i really want is one of these:

what with all the roomates, i had to finally break down and get a walk-in cooler...

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hmm...the dresden dolls topped their 'safe' list....interesting my buddy prince poppycock just opened for them here in L.A.....shhhhhh...he might be, but only his hairdresser knows for sure...

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"look honey, theres not a single car in the parking lot. OH NOES! Rapping Freak! RUN!"

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Hicks, eh? then you need to be looking for a phone in a candlestick design with rotory dialage and detachable ear piece. Oh wait, Maw-maw Renault probably has an ear trumpet, right? Then you will also have to purchase the adapter kit.

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my hard drive crash was on a friend's was a la cie drive attached to a mac...HD failure isn't really a mac vs pc issue as almost all hard drives are manufactured by third parties...think mine was a fujitsu...just checked a few forums and most say those are the should maybe think about upgrading/replacing to a hitachi or toshiba (good reviews) i upgraded to a matsushita...didn't really think about checking up at the time...

oh...also my drive was giving me trouble for a while (about a week)...seems the chip was failing intermittantly and scrambling its file table...thats why the software fix wouldnt was just too scrambled...but like your drive it just wouldn't 'mount'...

just went through this w/ my laptop, then my friend went thru it with his external drive. firstly...IF THE DRIVE IS MAKING NOISES THAT IT HAS NEVER MADE BEFORE SHUT IT OFF IMMEDIATELY! that is the sound of your data being irretrivably lost by means of the heads scratching it off the platter. (that's what happened to my friend...hope you backed up...he didn't) but it sounds more like the problem i had where one of the chips in the drive failed (probably got zapped in the reboot) google yourself up some 'data recovery' (if you haven't backed up, dummy) and be prepared to hear some heart-stopping quotes (like $3000-8000), keep calling around. for me, it cost 300 to replace my drive (upgraded from my original 40GB to 100GB) at the place i originally went to for recovery...they told me that they couldn't get my data, but that i should send it to their really good friends 800 miles away and expect to pay $5000-8000 after waiting 6-8 weeks. well, fuck you and fuck that i told 'em and did some looking around and found a local guy willing to do it for $800 (he usually charges around 1200-1500, but basically i cried like a girl and the price went down) and he got my data back in three days (he had to take the platters out and put them in another drive). worth it. if you cant find anybody local to you, i'll give you his number. the first place gave me an 'assessment' ($100, refunded when they couldnt fix it) to see if they could fix it with software...which is really your first stop...try 'disc doctor'...thats what most places you will take it to will try first (and it's cheaper to buy than they will charge you to use it at any data recovery joint)...if you're reallly reallly lucky the drive has just misplaced its internal map of where all your stuff is and that should fix it... good luck

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Soylent who?

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