In "Lawmaker proposes fixing California's budget crisis..."

Taxing it at $50 an ounce would be self defeating though. Way too much.

In "Michael Johnson talks about his decision - "

So what? They can run/jump/whatever with speed and steroids dribbling out of their ears for all I care. There's far too much money involved in the whole ludicrous spectacle for this sort of thing to be prevented. Hopefully the whole pointless edifice of professional sports collapses in the not too distant future. Grrrrrrr.

In "Bug Factory"

What? No deathmatch option?

In "The Newbie's Guide to Detecting the NSA"

Is Aljazeera really hosted by AT&T? > host is an alias for has address

In "Curious George and his car tunes."

Ministry's Jesus Built My Hotrod is the bestest deliverator tune ever.

In "Bum Wines."

Or for the discerning Glaswegian bum there's Buckfast. "The drink itself is billed on the bottle as being 'A blend of the finest french wines'. In reality it's a mix of wine with some serious amounts of chemicals including enough caffeine to make jolt look like a tranquilizer and some bits and pieces of others that I'm quite convinced are the constituent parts of the monks toenails."

In "Third Warniversary"

That figure of 37,795 is from the Iraq Body Count page which only counts deaths reported in the media. The Johns Hopkins study published in the Lancet gave a much more accurate picture and given that nearly a year and a half has passed since then the total will be considerably higher.

In "Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition."

Does it have Rambo Jesus in it?

In "No smoking please we're British, er, I mean, English"

Yay! Although they've already passed legislation in Scotland so smoking is banned in any enclosed or semi enclosed public space here, including workplaces from March 26th. I wonder whether pubs will end up with the same pavement leper colonies as many offices do?

In "Instant Euphoria at the Push of a Button"

"A cordless droud. Man, that's what I want for Christmas."

In "Curious George: Firefox Window"

It's a knackered extension. Look at extensions.rdf in your profile and (after backing it up) remove any sections relating to extensions that don't currently appear in Tools->Extensions.

In "What to do when you encounter a Lone Magpie"

Aussie Magpies don't appear to have this superstition associated with them. That's because Aussie magpies are total fuckers.

In "16 Kids. Wants some more."

DAD: So, you see my problem, little ones: I can't keep you all here any longer. GIRL: Speak up! DAD: I can't keep you all here any longer! God has blessed us so much, I can't afford to feed you anymore. NIGEL: Couldn't you have your balls cut off? DAD: Hohh, it's not as simple as that, Nigel. God knows all! He'd see through such a cheap trick. What we do to ourselves, we do to Him. GIRL: You could have had them pulled off in an accident. CHILDREN: [talking] DAD: No. No, children. I know you're trying to help, but, believe me,... CHILDREN: Ohh... DAD: mind's made up. I've given this long and careful thought, and it has to be medical experiments for the lot of you.

In "Stolen Bikes."

Make your bike look ratty.

I'll second that. Mine's mostly made from parts of abandoned wrecked bikes and looks like shit even though it's not. I lock it with a thick chain and a heavy security padlock and nobody's nicked it yet :) I also had the happy experience of recovering my daughter's bike recently 3 months after it was stolen. I bumped into someone walking with it 50 metres from my house and they gave it up without argument when I challenged them. Pity we'd shelled out for a new one in the meantime :/

In "Shades of Aldous Huxley!"

I suppose it can't hurt to plan ahead.

In "Global warming 'past the point of no return'"

History, we don’t know. We’ll all be dead. "Cos' raptures a comin', hallelujah! I feel it in ma' gut." Scary.

In "When spinning tire rims just aren't bling enough..."

I really , really want these for my bicycle. So do I

In "Dictator of the Month"

I notice that despite the presence of archive links going back to 2001, the domain was registered last year. I'm guessing some wingnut made it for the sole purpose of putting Chavez in there.

In " Why the Ashes of 2005 is the best Test series in cricket history"

Cricket should be more like this.

Gaaahh, that should be no more boring..

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